Steps On How To Help Your Man With The Right Skincare Brand


It’s an age-old question: should you or should you not help your man with his skincare routine? 

Men's skincare truly depends on the man you’re talking to. Some are fully committed to it to keep their skin healthy. They have their holy grail of skincare brands and products that, much like you, they can’t live without. 

Some men do the bare minimum—a generic bar of soap, shaving cream, a razor, and maybe even a face wash to keep his skin feeling clean. Other men hardly care. They just slather some soap on their face and call it a day, thinking that that simple action already constitutes skincare.  

There’s no shame in a man at the very beginning of his skincare journey. If the men you’re with is among those who have yet to create their routine, maybe he needs a little bit of encouragement. With you by his side to support him from the small steps to the bigger ones, he’ll be caring for his skin the right way in no time. 

Read on for some tips that will help guide you as you guide him.  

Know His Skin Type 

Before you begin suggesting and purchasing products for your man, one crucial step you shouldn’t miss is to know what skin type he has. This will ensure that any product he puts on his skin will work its absolute best for him. While there are no bad products, there are products that don’t serve certain skin types. 

Here’s a quick rundown of skin types to give you a hand as you try to find out what your man’s skin type is: 

  • Normal - well-balanced skin that is neither dry nor oily. Normal skin is soft and supple to the touch and large pores are not visible.  
  • Oily - skin looks and feels greasy. Large pores are evident. 
  • Dry - skin flakes often. It may also feel rough, scaly, and itchy. Dry skin often looks lackluster due to a lack of hydration. 
  • Combination - skin with areas that are both dry and oily. In oily areas, blemishes are evident. 
  • Sensitive - skin that’s easily vulnerable to environmental factors, stress, or hormones. 

Watch out for acne-prone and sensitive skin as these types are the ones that should be most conscious and cautious with the different ingredients in their skincare products. Oily skin, on the other hand, can handle a wider range of ingredients. 

If his skin type is still a big question mark, a trip to the dermatologist will be worth it. Once you’ve pinned down your man’s skin type, you can then start selecting brands that will benefit his skin. 

Start Slow 

Remember when you started your skincare journey? You didn’t kick things forward right off the bat with a twelve-step process. You had to ease your way into a new product or regimen so as not to irritate your skin.  

The same will go for your man. Don’t give him too many steps all at once as this might overwhelm him and his skin. Start with a good quality cleanser, a scrub or shave cream, and sun protection. If you can get him to consistently use these products for a few weeks, he might start noticing a change in his skin which will then motivate him to keep going. 

If your man is rocking a bald head, guide him on ways he can protect his delicate skin with a minimal yet effective skincare routine for his scalp. 

Highlight Solutions  

Instead of treating skincare as an aesthetic-only solution, your man might be more inclined to go along with this whole process if he thinks of the bigger picture. Skincare goes deeper than what we see on the outside. After all, there’s a science behind all of these creams, foams, and serums. 

Point out the benefits of the skincare brands you’ve introduced to him on his skin—lesser flare-ups, minimal zits, infrequent to no irritation after shaving, and so on. These are all concrete examples that the products are working and that they are protecting his skin from further damage. After seeing improvements, he might even ask you what else he can do for his skin! 

Sneak In Some Samples 

Men have this habit of trying out whatever’s on their shower caddy or in their drawer, so ask for a few samples from a specialist and sneak that in next to their razor or body wash. You wouldn’t even realize it but he has already created a new habit on his own. 

The best part? He will think that he discovered all these amazing brands and products all by himself. 

Try A Subscription Box

If your man’s a little wary about trying new products and brands because he’s unsure of how it’s all going to work out and if it’ll be worth spending money on, then a subscription box is a great alternative.  

Some subscription boxes will even customize a skincare ritual for your man so that he wouldn’t be too overwhelmed with all the options available to him. 

Giving your man a gentle push in the right direction in terms of skincare might just be what he needs to finally start his very own regimen. With you by his side to cheer him on and great quality skincare brands that suit his needs, he’s on his merry way to healthier and younger-looking skin.