Storm Elsa became a Category 1 hurricane: threatening Cuba and Barbados and heading for Miami.


The National Hurricane Center of the United States reported that it would impact the Caribbean islands with more than 120 kilometers per hour.

Tropical storm Elsa became a hurricane while located about 30 kilometers west-southwest of Barbados with maximum sustained winds of 120 kilometers per hour. The United States National Hurricane Center (CNH) announced on Friday.

Heavy rains and winds hit Barbados as the hurricane made its way towards islands like Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which struggled to recover from recent volcanic eruptions. Elsa's eye was about 120 kilometers (75 miles) east of San Vicente and moved west-northwest at 44 km / h (28 mph).

According to the planned route for this climatic phenomenon, its course will impact Miami in the first days of next week. But, before that, islands like Cuba, Puerto Rico, and others in the Caribbean are compromised.

Havana officials warned this Thursday of possible heavy and heavy rain that will be with Elsa, which is currently passing through the Caribbean seas and is forecast to reach the eastern part of the island this weekend. ۔

According to an " early warning notice " issued today by the Cuban Civil Defense, these conditions will gradually move to the central and western regions of the Caribbean country, according to "early warning notice" issued today by the Cuban Civil Defense, which asks the population to pay attention to its guidelines and the reports of the Institute of Meteorology ( Insmet).

The note points out the complexity of the current epidemiological situation due to covid-19 and calls for specifying the planned assurances to reduce the effects of natural disasters, These include measures to evacuate, protect economic resources, aggregate agricultural products, and increase hydrometrological surveillance, among others.

Alert in Puerto Rico

The US Coast Guard established this Thursday the X-Ray alert for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands due to the close passage of tropical storm Elsa to the Caribbean region.

The X-Ray port alert, which still allows normal operations, is established when sustained winds are expected to exceed 60 kilometers per hour within 48 hours.

At the same time, he asks that the "necessary precautions" be taken and "remain alert" to any weather forecast and path of the now-called Hurricane Elsa.

During the X-ray condition, port facilities are open to commercial traffic. All operations can continue as long as the effect lasts. The statement recalled that all merchant ships weighing more than 500 tonnes must make plans to leave the port. Those who wish to stay at the port should contact the port authorities immediately so that they can come up with a safe pavement plan.

The Coast Guard also advised recreational vessels to find a safe harbor and warned the maritime community to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions as the storm approaches the waters of the Eastern Caribbean.

Of course, citizens are also advised to stay away from the coast.

As they remember, even the best swimmers can be victims of the strong waves and rip currents caused by hurricanes.