Success Of Burger King's Impossible Whopper Might Lead To Expansion Of Supplier Business -- Will This Affect Meat Sales?

Burger King is very happy with the success of its plant-based Impossible Burgers. The company behind the product is planning to hire more people to respond.

Success Of Burger King's Impossible Whopper Might Lead To Expansion Of Supplier Business -- Will This Affect Meat Sales?728

There has been a lot of talk about the concept of meatless burgers recently, and one particular company -- Impossible Foods -- has made a lot of progress in this field.

Their main product has already seen much attention, including from major fast-food chain, Burger King, who has introduced a new member to their family -- the Impossible Whopper.

The burger, based on the main product of Impossible Foods, is designed to resemble a traditional Burger King burger but is made with absolutely no meat -- something which is prominently advertised in all of its promotional materials.

Moreover, while some were initially skeptical about the level of attention that this could generate, reports indicate that the burger has exceeded all expectations.

Demand for it has been so high that Impossible Foods have reportedly been planning to expand their production facilities in order to meet the growing requirements of the market.

This has been a great test run and has put an end to many skeptic voices.

The main concerns of most people remain price and availability, but Burger King has shown that both can be answered relatively reasonably with the right underlying network.

It is good to see that Impossible Foods have been making such substantial progress, and hopefully, the company will be able to expand their product to other markets sooner rather than later, because the world can benefit from eating less meat as a whole.

 The company's website reads: "We searched the plant world for specific ingredients that would recreate those experiences but be better for both people and the planet."

David Lee, the chief financial officer of Impossible Foods, shared something interesting and revealed: "Ninety percent of our consumers are meat eaters. This is for the meat eater. This is for that $1.5 trillion industry where people who love to eat meat want to feel better about the choices they make for their health and the environment."

Many have been supportive of the company's cause and have pledged their support for their future efforts.

Do you think the success of the Impossible Burgers will affect the meat industry, yes or no?