Survivor Mexico 2021: who is Gabo Cuevas, and why was he nominated for the extinction game


The contestant is also an entertainment journalist who has been involved in various controversies.

Gabo Cuevas was the first candidate for the drowning game in Survivor Mexico, This Friday. After considering that he had little enthusiasm for belonging to their tribe, the members of the Jaguares team sentenced him.

"I sentence Gabo because, for his honesty, he said that he no longer wanted to be in our tribe, and I know that when he sees this video, he will believe that it is a betrayal because I have known him for a while because we are colleagues from the same work, but I tell you with my heart, Gabo, "said Kristal Silva after leaving his vote in the ballot box.

For his part, Venga la joy driver expressed that he wanted to face Eduardo Barquín before leaving the competition, as he considered him to be a fairly strong rival.

Cuevas received a total of 9 votes out of 12, which is why he will have to contend next Sunday with the next nominee in order not to lose his place in the competition.

Given the news that his teammates had betrayed him, Gabo mentioned that he was ready for the next stage and that said result was not entirely a surprise.

Who is Gabo Cuevas?

The controversial member of Jaguares has been talking about since the first chapter of the reality show broadcast by TV Azteca. In the first instance, he was offended when his teammates chose him as the weakest for the competition's first challenge.

He is 32 years old. He is an entertainment journalist who collaborates on the television program Venga la joy and has a radio program. However, one of the reasons why he is remembered is that in April 2020, Gabo Cuevas accused Pepillo Origel of affecting his career and his person.

"For four years, I have been labeled a liar, disloyal and treacherous for having recorded a conversation with Juan José Origel where he defamed Flor Rubio," he said in a video posted on his YouTube account.

The problem originated when Gabo Cuevas published a recording from the early 2000s where Pepillo was heard saying negative things about Flor Rubio and mentioned that the driver had left her husband to have sex with executives and thus get a job.

At the time, the host of Venga la Alegría said that if his participation was proven when recording or distributing said video, then he would withdraw from the media.

Gabo Cuevas also asked Origel to end the accusations against him. Within his video, he showed captures where he tries to show that he did not record the journalist when he expressed himself negatively about Flor Rubio.

"In second 29, your ex-secretary, Cynthia, is shown recording with the cell phone ... I did not record, in second 33 my two hands are shown, I did not record."

The reporter also expressed that this situation's pressure affected him so much that he even thought about taking his own life. You hurt me so much, closed opportunities. I even share that all your pressure made me think of taking my own life at some point. , made at some point, I feel so vulnerable, so alone, that I doubted my truth."

This is not the first time that Gabo has been involved in a controversy because, at the end of March, the Venga la Alegría reporter would have questioned on his radio program the true age of Bella de la Vega, who is going through the duel of her husband José Angel Garcia; Given this, the actress and model called Flor Rubio, head of the program Spectacular Formula, who said:

"I am concerned that Gabriel has not yet entered Survivor and is already generating a lot of controversies. Bella de la Vega called me (last weekend), who is one of the Survivor participants and called me a little dismayed by the comments that she considers out of tune, against her, by Gabriel".

Flor Rubio apologized to the actress and asked Gabo to do the same. However, her reply was the following: "She will be more heartfelt when she enters the reality show and tells her truths. Do you know what happens to me? 

That I am very hostile to invented people and that period, invented, Bella de la Vega is invented.