Susquehanna University Student Is Accused Of Raping Her Female Roommate -- Will She Be Treated Like A Male Accuser?

A woman studying at the Susquehanna in Pennsylvania was arrested for allegedly raping her female roommate after a night of partying. Will she be treated fairly?

source: Wikipedia

A university student at Susquehanna University, Pratigya Thakur, 19, is facing sexual assault charges for allegedly raping her female roommate in a recent incident.

The woman has now been charged with multiple crimes for the incident which occurred about a month ago (May 16), and will likely have to face a very serious sentence if the case moves forward. 

The incident was reported to officials at the university on May 29. Police were alerted on June 6. 

It is still not clear exactly what happened leading up to the alleged attack, but reports indicate that the two women had been drinking and smoking marijuana shortly before the incident took place. 

At some point, the alleged victim was trying to fall asleep but woke up to the attacker molesting her in multiple ways.

The suspected attacker then went on to ask why the two had never done that before and started insulting her victim while hitting her in various parts of her body.

Many details are still not clear about the incident and the way everything went down, and authorities have been hard at work investigating the case. 

There are also rumors of potentially conflicting reports in the background, but those remain to be confirmed. 

Many students at the university have responded negatively to the incident, and have called for more serious prosecution of similar crimes.

A spokesperson for the university, Amanda O'Rourke, said in a statement: "Students who are accused of being in violation of the student code of conduct go through a student conduct judicial process, which could lead to sanctions up to and including expulsion. I cannot comment specifically on the status of this incident."

For the time being, Thakur has been released from custody on a $10,000 bail and is awaiting further proceedings. 

The victim has not commented on the situation in public so far, although that is normal for cases like this one. 

More details will likely surface in the coming days as the investigation continues.

Some people on social media are already arguing that the alleged attacker might not face a real punishment despite the seriousness of the case because of her gender.

Do you think the attacker should be punished the way a man would in a case like this one, yes or no?