Tammy Lawrence-Daley Was Allegedly Beaten In Dominican Republic, Her Hubby Says Authorities Are Covering Up The Incident

Christopher Daley, the husband of Tammy Lawrence-Daley, a woman who was reportedly beaten in the Dominican Republic; says local authorities are lying.   

source: Facebook

After a woman was severely beaten at a resort in the Dominican Republic, her husband has come forward with some shocking revelations about the unprofessional work of the local police force.

According to him, authorities have made various mistakes when investigating the attack, which they are now trying to cover up. 

As a result, they have been lying about what really went down when the woman was beaten, and have been trying to sweep the situation under the rug, allegedly, of course.

According to accusations, Tammy Lawrence-Daley was beaten by someone allegedly wearing the uniform of the Punta Cana resort, in an incident that reportedly lasted for several hours. 

The attacker ended up trying to strangle her, after which he disposed of her in a crawl space.

The victim explained: "How do you explain to your kids you were almost killed by some random stranger and that 'Mommy is coming home, but I don't look like myself'? How do you look into your parents eyes as they gaze upon your battered face telling them, 'I'm okay, I'll be okay'. Seeing friends break down in tears as they look at you. Everyone asking, 'why?', 'how?' You tell them a story. You recount every detail very matter of fact so that you don't break down, that you stay strong… so they don't see how you are crumbling inside with fear, disappointment, and weakness."

Moreover, Christopher Daley, husband of the victim, claims that authorities have made multiple mistakes in their investigation of the incident, and have severely messed up in their work. 

Daley claimed: "We were supposed to get a police report in February and we didn't get that."

Between long delays and other displays of incompetence, the investigation did not proceed as it should have.

Mr. Daley seems to believe that authorities could have already captured someone if they had done their work properly.

Currently, a statement by the Dominican Republic implies that the woman did not actually suffer any assaults.

They were apparently basing this statement on the results of test kits which were conducted incorrectly, days after the woman had already showered. 

Daley has questioned why authorities took so long to perform the tests in the first place, and what they might be trying to cover up.

A spokesperson from the hotel said: "We emphasize that, since the occurrence of this regrettable event, we have treated Mrs. Lawrence-Daley's situation with due diligence and attention. We have always implemented security measures in our hotels for our guests and employees."

Do you think authorities in the Dominican Republic are trying to cover things up, yes or no?