Teacher Beat Up Student For Keeping Money He Gave Him To Buy Pot For Him

A teacher at a Bronx school got a lot of attention for a story that is hard to forget. The educator beat up a student who stole $4,000 from his pot money.

Teacher Beat Up Student For Keeping Money He Gave Him To Buy Pot For Him842
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Kevin Pope will undoubtedly not win the best teacher award any time soon. Pope has been arrested for beating a student who stole $4,000 from him.

Pope had recruited the teenager to buy marijuana for him and when the deal went south; he took drastic actions.

Like a scene from the comedy series, A.P. Bio, Pope, a science teacher, at the John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy in Hunts Point, in New York; asked his students to find him some weed.

Several of the students he asked for advice pointed to the teenage boy who was in contact with a drug dealer. The Bronx charter-school teacher gave the young man $4,000 to purchase marijuana.

According to the police, the student promised Mr. Pope that he could get a massive stash of drugs from a Manhattan drug dealer.

However, when the teen met with his contact, he learned that the amount of drug he needed would cost  $7,000. Instead of returning the money to Pope, the teen stole it.

An angry Pope met the teen outside of the school and beat the daylights out of him when he learned that his cash was gone. The 48-year-old educator also stole the teen’s iPhone, gold chain, and wallet.

To get his money back, Pope threatened to assault the student’s mother sexually.

Pope told the teen: “Do you want to die? You want to steal from me? I should break your arm ... I should get someone to rape your mom every day after work.”

He added: “I will kill you if I don’t get my money! I want my money in a month! You better get my money — you know where I work.”

A person with knowledge of the story said that Pope “threatened to have him beat up again and have his mother sexually ­assaulted.”

After the beatdown, the student was taken to a nearby hospital and received surgical staples to close gashes located in the back of his head.

It has been confirmed that the brawl was caught on surveillance video. On Friday, the teacher was arrested at the school and charged with assault and robbery.

One student surprised by the arrest said Pope is a great teacher and added: “(He was) a straight up teacher. He’d make you understand the lessons. I never knew him to be shady.”

Thus far, the Department of Education has declined to comment on the story.

Do you think schools can put guidelines in place to avoid situations like these, yes or no?