Teachers, Looking for re-entry, after having made an end of School to the Last Policy

The Cross is placed on a vacation, and he told me that he was not going to address the students on the basis of their own times.

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As a judge of the Virginia has ordered the Loudoun Schools and the District to reinstate a teacher who was suspended after she has spoken against the proposed policy, which requires teachers to refer students to its advantage with the times.

In Tuesday's decision, the Loudoun County District Court judge James Plowman said the teacher, " lord Byron's "Garrett," the Cross, which is to be exercised his freedom of expression, and ordered the school to immediately reinstate the petitioner, his position, and to submit to his suspension."

"Lord Byron's" Garrett " the Crest, a pe teacher at Leesburg Elementary School, speaks at a Loudoun County, Virginia, School board meeting last week.

"Lord Byron's" Garrett " the Crest, a pe teacher at Leesburg Elementary School, speaks at a Loudoun County, Virginia, School board meeting last week.WRC

"The teachers are just like all of the ideas and thoughts that they are free to express," he said. To promote what they believe would have not cost them their jobs. The school board will be pointed out in his speech, which means, of their own, who, in a public meeting, "as a defense," and dismissed what he said were his own thoughts."

The cross as a physical education specialist at Leesburg Elementary School, was placed on paid administrative leave on May 27. A few days later, and he told me of a school board meeting to have their proposed policies that would go against his religious beliefs.

"I am in love with all the students, but I will never lie to them, regardless of the outcome," Cross said of the recording sessions. "I am a teacher, but I have served God in the first place, and I believe that biologically a boy can be a girl, and vice versa, as well as it's against my religion, it's a lie, my child, this is child abuse, and it is a sin against God."

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During the meeting, the Cross-run episodes of "60 Minutes," which included, in particular, to young people who once identified as trans, but not in your mind, and pulled away. And he said to the council, the leaders of which he says: "the love of god to those who are suffering from gender dysphoria."

Two days after the meeting, a Cross, in a letter to the school saying that he had been placed on a leave of absence because of the alleged behavior, which has had a devastating impact on a business in Leesburg Elementary School is a School.""

Langhofer, criticized the school for a third party, who claimed that his client's right to freedom of expression had been violated. He has also filed a lawsuit against the school board members and superintendents. The lawyer said that the application to be tested.

The school district did not respond Wednesday to a request for comment on the judge's re-employment.