Teen Mathew Borges Beheaded Classmate Manuel Viloria-Paulino Over Girlfriend; Prosecutors Say -- Can He Beat The Case?

Prosecutors claim Mathew Borges, who was 15 at the time, beheaded his classmate, Manuel Viloria-Paulino in a jealous rage over his girlfriend. The trial began.

source: Daily Advent Nigeria

A love scandal between several teenagers has ended with the tragic death of a 16-year-old boy named Manuel Viloria-Paulino in Lawrence, Massachusetts. 

The incident, which dates back to 2016, just had a new development, in which a classmate, 15-year-old boy Mathew Borges, of the murdered student was brought in for questioning after being identified as a suspect. 

The trial has begun and is expected to last three weeks.

The current working theory of investigators is that the victim was killed in retaliation for sleeping with the girlfriend of his killer. 

However, reports indicate that the murderer might have had his information wrong, as there was no cheating incident, to begin with.

The case has been developing for quite a while, and even though authorities had initial leads pointing to the accused, they needed to gather more evidence before moving forward and officially charging him. 

The circumstances around the killer have changed too -- he is no longer 15, but rather 17, meaning that he can be tried as an adult in the case, and according to reports, that is what authorities are planning to do as well.

Certain details of the murder remain difficult to process, and it looks like investigators are going to need more time before coming out with additional information. 

In the meantime, the new indictment has reignited interest in the case throughout the Internet, and many people have joined the discussion with their comments and theories.

It remains to be seen what else observers are going to find out about the murder in the next days/weeks/months, although it is also possible that information will be released slowly and in a controlled manner from now on.

According to Assistant DA Jay Gubitose, Borges texted the girl: "I think of killing someone and I smirk … It's all I think about every day. The next time you see me, look at my eyes because that's the last time they'll be like that. They'll be dead."

The official added: "The defendant told them he stabbed him to death and cut his head and hands off so he couldn't be identified."

Defense attorney Edward Hayden hit back with: "Witnesses who are going to say he committed murder are not reliable."

Do you think Borges could be found guilty, yes or no?