"Terror of the People": the NYC Mayoral Candidates to Criticize the NYPD Police department in order to Enforce

The police, a lot of riots, fell to the famous Washington Square Park on Saturday, in the evening, in order to clear it

source: https://ibb.co/8zsJSdV

The NYPD in the face of criticism from the Democratic mayoral candidates, and then they will come down at the ground with the enforcement, in a park, on a Saturday night.

Police, many in riot gear, descended on the famous Washington Square Park on Saturday to help clean up after the recent introduction of a 10.(m). for the rest the gate, as the town executive, is in the words of the noisy behaviour of the park.

The video shows the chaos, and after that, the police use of aggressive tactics in order to get the people out of the park on a Saturday afternoon. The police pushed people on a motorcycle, and is armed with batons and slogans to put the call for the deployment, and the video shows the police chasing people in the streets, in the vicinity of the park.

In a statement released to the Associated Press, the police said 23 people were taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct. The eight-light, police officers, were injured.

The City Hall is the Vice President, the candidate of the Maya Wiley-last MOVIE of the analysts, recent and East to the Rope. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, N. Y., said on Twitter that the police is " the terror of the people, in order to compel them to an arbitrary ground."

Another candidate, a Brooklyn-President Eric Adams, a retired NYPD officer, who is considered to be one of the most pro-police, the candidates said, "The battle plan for the Park and a 10-night, every night, that is not smart."

"Fighting crime is about to make it more difficult, to be smart and that is how the security and justice work," Adams said on Twitter.

The City Hall is the vice president, the candidate of the Andrew Young, a former presidential candidate, called the police action, in the subway, said, " in Washington Square Park, there is always a place to come together and enjoy the beauty of a summer's night. To send a military officer in riot gear, and a visit to a public park may be the answer."

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The candidate Mike Morales, a former public school teacher, as a non-profit, the organizer said it was "a terrible thing. "He that is necessary to Twitter's Mayor, Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, in which all of the candidates running to be replaced due to term limits, to" take immediate action to stop this brutal abuse of power, and the provision of services to the people who need them."

The police responded immediately to a request for comment. The department of City Park and Washington Square Park, the West, and the City Hall did not respond to a request for comment.

The mayoral candidates will face off in a June 22, Russian federation.