Tesla postpones Cybertruck launch until 2022. One of Tesla's most anticipated cars is possibly the Cybertruck.

source: www.engadget.com

Despite announcements that it would be out in late 2021, the futuristic pickup appears to be a bit further from reality.

One of Tesla's most anticipated cars is possibly the Cybertruck. It seems we will have to wait even longer for its arrival than expected.

The news would have been discovered through the official website of the vehicle since it appears that the launch of the car is expected in 2022, a year different from what was previously promised; the Electrek portal announced this.

The first time anything was known about the company's new vehicle, Cybertruck, was in 2019. By then, Tesla revealed that the electric truck would hit the market by 2021, but such promise will not be fulfilled.

On the official page of the vehicle, where users can make the reservation, a message now appears announcing that the car's production will begin in 2022. For reference, it should be noted that at the beginning of the year, a different message appeared: "You will be able to complete your configuration as production approaches by the end of 2021. Production of the single-engine RWD model is expected to begin in late 2022. "

Previously, Tesla had announced that the Cybertruck truck would arrive in 3 different models: One with a single rear-wheel drive (RWD), another with a dual-engine four-wheel drive (AWD), and a final tri-engine wheel drive. Four wheels too. The important thing about this detail is that the company had announced that the first to start production would be the two AWD engine models one year apart from the single-engine model. Still, everything seems to point to the opposite.

The announcement that the production of the vehicle will start in 2022 appears in all versions of the car, so this not only confirms that the departure was postponed but that the different models may end up coming out in the same year. However, it remains to wait for know-how. They follow such plans.

From what little was known about the Cybertruck so far, it had already been implied on several occasions that the initially proposed launch window was no longer possible, despite the company's claim to the contrary. 

In January this year, Elon Musk, the company's president and billionaire, commented that "they will need luck" to be able to distribute at least a small number of trucks by the end of the year. Production will pick up in 2022.

That was not the only time that some clue was given about what was happening, also. In July, with the disclosure of the second quarter's financial results, the company assured that the new trucks would arrive on the proposed date for 2021 as soon as will complete the manufacture of another car of the company, the Y model. However, the detail is that this new car model is also expected for the exact dates at the end of the year, so the numbers do not seem to fit.

Since its announcement, the Cybertruck has captured the attention of more than one, not only for its straightforward, futuristic design that would seem taken from a world like Blade Runner or a racing game render of the first PlayStation for the features it promises. As announced by the company, this truck will be fully electric, have self-leveling suspension, and a bullet-resistant stainless steel outer sheet.

Tesla has not yet clarified what could be the reason for the change in car production plans, but what is clear now is that the car still looks like a shiny idea. Which will reasonably sustain the launch. Preparation is not complete.