Texas approved carrying weapons in public without the need for permits.

source: statesman.com

Anyone over the age of 21 who does not have a prohibition may circulate with pistols or rifles. Democrats criticized the Republican governor for "betraying victims of gun violence."

Gov. Greg Abbott Wednesday signed into law a law allowing Texas people to carry firearms in public without a permit.

The legislation passed last month in the Republican-dominated state Senate and House of Representatives will allow anyone over the age of 21 who is not prohibited from owning a firearm to carry it in public without permits. The new norm only pertains to a pistol or revolver-type weapons. Until now, Texas already allowed free carrying without a license of long weapons such as rifles or rifles.

Until now, to carry guns in public, Texans had to obtain a license, register their fingerprints, participate in a training course, and pass a written test and a shooting test. By eliminating all these requirements, Texas joins about twenty states with similar laws in the United States. "This is something that 20 other states have adopted, and it is time for Texas to adopt it as well," Abbott had told WBAP radio station about the law in April.

The governor argues that both the United States and Texas constitutions allow citizens to carry arms and that there should be fewer impediments to doing so.

According to the Texas Tribune newspaper, the law will go into effect on September 1, and Abbott is expected to preside over a signing act on Thursday.

But his opponents, including Democrats in and out of the state, claim that looser gun rules can lead to more violence.

And they cite mass shootings like the one that occurred in the capital, Austin, last week with one dead and 13 injured, as well as the one that occurred in 2019 at an El Paso department store in which 23 people died, and 23 others were injured.

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, a representative from El Paso, said in a tweet on Wednesday that Abbott "chose to betray the victims of gun violence by signing the law. "

A recent poll by the University of Texas and local media, The Texas Tribune, indicated that 59% of Texans reject the free carrying of weapons without a license, while only 34% support it.

Escobar added that despite common support for common gun laws to prevent gun violence, such as global background checks, the cowardly Republican Texas Republican, led by the cowardly governor, is focusing on the gun lobby instead of stopping the violence. More interested