The activist who took part in the attack on the Capitol pleaded guilty in the guise of a Sioux warrior.


Jacob Albert Chansley was charged with the crimes of civil disorder and obstruction of congressional proceedings. His lawyer anticipated that he would acknowledge his infractions but insists that he be released.

IN JANUARY THIS YEAR, the US Capitol assailant who became famous for wearing a horned bearskin suit during the attack pleaded guilty to one count Friday for obstructing official proceedings during a session of Congress.

Jacob Albert Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli and Q-Shaman, was charged with six federal crimes in connection with the seizure of the Capitol on January 6, including civil disorder and obstruction of congressional proceedings.

Chansley, 34, of Arizona, pleaded guilty during a virtual hearing before a federal court.

The guilty plea, which is part of an agreement with the Prosecutor's Office, was accepted by Judge Royce Lamberth. In addition, Chansley will pay $ 2,000 in compensation for damage to the legislative complex.

During the hearing, he limited himself to answering yes and to the questions asked.

Under the agreement, Chansley has accepted a recommended sentence of between 41 and 51 months in prison. Still, according to the media, the time he has been in jail since January 9 would be deducted. His sentencing date is set for November 17. Another defendant who pleaded guilty to the same charges was sentenced in July to eight months in prison.

"Mr. Chansley's journey since January 6 has been a process that has involved grief, depression, solitary confinement, introspection, recognition of mental health vulnerabilities, and an awareness of the need for greater self-employment," his attorney, Al Watkins, said in a statement, according to CNN.

His lawyers repeatedly pressed for him to be released from jail. However, the judge in the case considers that Chansley is too dangerous to be released.

"The accused is characterized as a peaceful person received in the Capitol building on January 6 by police officers. 

According to CNN, Washington, D.C. District Judge Royce Lamberth said last March that the court was not convinced by any of his many attempts to manipulate the evidence and downplay the seriousness of his actions.

Q-Shaman is a member of the movement that revolves around the conspiracy theory QAnon, originated in 2017 due to some supposed secret revelations about a pedophile and satanic elite that rules the world from the shadows with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Pope Francisco at the top. Angeli has raised her profile in these circles by attracting attention with her look in many right-wing protests in Arizona during the year 2020.He was imprisoned in various scenes of events in Washington DC. For example, the Arizona Republic newspaper observed his movements during the riots. It noted that, after entering the Capitol with other protesters, at one point, he was seen on the Senate bench posing for a photo holding in his left hand a spear from which a flag hung. Of the United States.

In addition to the buffalo fur hat and horns, a feature of the Sioux culture, Angeli showed off her tattoos at all times, including the Celtic triangle, the German god Thor's hammer and the tree of life.

The Arizona Republic explained that, since 2019, Angeli has often installed herself in front of the Arizona State Capitol shouting about various conspiracy theories, most of which are backed by the QAnon movement. And in an interview with the newspaper in 2020, the young man pointed out that he wears a fur hat, paints his face, and walks without a shirt as a way to draw attention to people who want to hear him speak about different truths that he says, remain hidden by a supposed elite that controls the world.

In February 2020, Angeli stood with a crowd at Trump's rally in Phoenix.

He wore a sign that said "Q sent me" and asked many present if they knew about the conspiracy; several answered yes. "The snowball has been rolling, and it's only getting bigger. We are mainstream now," Angeli said at the time.

He was also at protests in Arizona to demand that businesses closed by the government reopen to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and has been in other marches that questioned the results of the recent US elections.

Angeli has said that she uncovered many conspiracies through her internet research. That study of texts includes links between Satanism, pedophilia, power, and the "deep state" - the stable officials of sensitive areas, such as homeland security and intelligence. "At a certain point, everything fell into place somehow. And I said to myself: Oh my God. Now I see the reality of what is happening, "he told the Arizona Republic, explaining that the QAnon movement validated the beliefs he had held until 2016.