The actor went from the Harry Potter universe to jail for sexual assault.


Scottish interpreter Kevin Guthrie was sentenced to a three-year sentence for the crime that took place in 2017.

Scottish actor Kevin Guthrie, who is best known for playing the character Mr. Abernathy in the film series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, was sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault.

The 33-year-old artist denied the facts and assured that he only "helped" the woman after taking a nurse. However, according to evidence presented to the jury, Guthrie's DNA was found on the victim's underwear.

The crime for which she was convicted caused pain and consequences for the young woman involved. She was unwell and thought her drink had been added elsewhere that night. The jury accepted that you committed these heinous crimes and the only appropriate sentence is imprisonment", were the words of Sheriff Tom Hughes to the actor, taken up by the English media.

The events took place on September 30, 2017, in the apartment of Scott Reid, a partner of the actor. According to the versions released in the trial that lasted four days, the two men took the 29-year-old woman to the apartment in Kelvindale, Glaslow.

Then they placed her on a bed: "I remember that they lifted my blouse and held my bra," the woman recalled during court and claimed that Guthrie sexually assaulted her. Guthrie was found guilty and placed on the sex offender registry indefinitely.


These events took place just over a month after the American actor and producer James Franco was accused of being a "sexual predator. "This was revealed by actress Charlyne Yi, famous for her participation in the series Doctor House; it also pointed to comedian Seth Rogen as an "accomplice" for allowing his alleged abusive conduct on film sets.

"I cried and told them that that was the exact opposite of what I wanted, that I did not feel safe working with a damn sex worker," the 35-year-old interpreter denounced through a series of publications on her Instagram account. After his participation with both actors in the film The Disaster Artist, he characterized the character of the designer Safowa Bright-Asare.

Charlyne Yi explained that she tried to abandon the filming of the film due to allegations of sexual assault against Franco, who was the lead actor and director of the film: "They downplayed and said that Franco was a sexual predator last year and that he changed ... when I heard of him abusing new women that week, "he said.

The actress added that Rogen, with whom she participated in the 2007 comedy Knocked Up, is a friend of Franco and has participated with him in his productions, making him an assistant in his way: "Seth Rogen was one of the producers of this film. , so you know regarding bribery and why I leave. "

"White men say it is not their responsibility when they blame Franco or when they point to Seth Rogen and the facilitators. So, whose responsibility is it? Women with Franco's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Or future victims of abuse?" Yi decided in his news posted on his Instagram account.