The ambulance driver admitted to drinking beer, a pot of cigarettes, and taking Adderall

Kevin T. McCorvey, 34, is charged with carjacking after Friday's crash, in which Wilton Thomason died, Georgia officials said.


A Georgia ambulance driver admitted smoking marijuana, taking Adderall and beer ahead of a rollover accident last week in which an unconscious patient died, authorities said.

The man, Kevin T. McCorvey, 34, was transporting Wilton Thomason Jr., 66, to Fairburn just before 7:30 p.m. Friday, according to a Georgia State Patrol report. McCorvey is accused of failing to keep track of his way off the shoulder, causing an ambulance to roll over in a ditch, paramedics said.

Thomasson, from nearby Atlanta, lost his temper and was "badly injured," the report said. McCorvey, of Fairburn, was charged with DUI, carjacking, failure to maintain a route and possession of an open box, state troops said.

A report of the incident from the Fairburn Police Department, which initially responded, said state police were called to the scene to assess the situation, which McCorvey failed.

Photo: An ambulance driver faces charges of DUI and murder after an accident that killed Wilton Thomason, a patient with a blood-washing machine transported to Fairburn, Ga., On Nov. 12, 2021.

The ambulance driver is facing DUI charges and charges of murder after an accident that killed Wilton Thomason, a patient with a blood-washing machine transported to Fairburn, Ga., On Nov. 12. WXIA

"He also admitted to smoking marijuana, taking Adderall and drinking beer while driving an ambulance," Fairburn police said in a statement.

Fairburn police said when a police officer arrived, witnesses handed over a ladder to try to climb through the back door of the ambulance to open it.

Police contacted McCorvey and a second ambulance attendant, who said they were alive but had a patient with dialysis.

Fairburn police broke a glass in the back door of an ambulance. McCorvey jumped out of a car window, and a second ambulance driver was assisted by a police officer, the report said.

The officer then saw McCorvey press Thomas in the chest, according to the report.

"McCorvey said Thomasson had a heart attack," Fairburn police said.

Thomasson was pronounced dead by another first responder, according to the incident.

McCorvey and a second ambulance attendant tried to evacuate the scene in an Uber vehicle, Fairburn police said. They were stopped, police said, and when a police officer spoke to McCorvey, an intoxicating odor emanated from his breath.

Fulton County High Court records state McCorvey appeared in court Monday. Records say "the court found a possible reason for detaining the defendant." The court also ruled that McCorvey would be released on bail on the grounds of "criminal nature" and "danger to the public," a court record said.

A lawyer on McCorvey's list could not be reached for comment Tuesday. Thomasson's relatives could not be reached for comment.