The Аmeriсаn bаsebаll teаm quаlifies fоr the Tоkyо Оlymрiсs

Team USA defeated Venezuela, 4-2, to take the next place in the final of the summer tournament.


Long-time senior leaguer Todd Frazier has hit four times, including a homer, which has led the United States to victory over V-2 on Saturday night in Venezuela on Saturday night in Port St. Louis. Lucie, Florida.

Americans have won the Baseball Americas Qualifier and will now join Japan, Israel, Mexico and South Korea in the six-team Olympic baseball tournament, which will be played from July 28 to August 7 in Fukushima and Yokohama.

The Dominican Republic and Venezuela finished second and third, respectively, in this competition and prepared for the final qualifying tournament in Puebla, Mexico. The winner of the four-team tournament later this month, which will include Australia and the Netherlands, is vying for sixth and final place in the Olympics.

The winning U.S. team It featured promising young leaguers, who were allowed to play in the Olympic qualifiers by their parent clubs, as well as veteran free agents who wanted to catch the eye of the MLB team.

Seattle Mariners keepers Eric Filia hit a homer run by Venezuelan composer Anibal Sanchez, a member of the 2019 World Series - the Washington Nationals champion, who turned a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 U.S. lead. It will not stop.

Frazier, who led his team Toms River, New Jersey, went to the Little League World Series in 1998, and was released by the Pittsburgh Pirates in May. His explosion of the seventh inning, deep in the left-back wall of Clover Park, the home of the New York Mets spring training, has given Americans significant insurance.

Edwin Jackson, his last MLB action against the Detroit Tigers in 2019, scored two innings of free points on Saturday to win.

And the final exit was recorded Saturday night by a U.S. pitcher. David Robertson, last to play in the big leagues in 2019 with the Philadelphia Phillies.

USA Baseball CEO Paul Seiler thanked United States manager Mike Scioscia, former Los Angeles Angels captain, and his staff for securing Olympic place.

“We knew this was not going to be easy; however, the team has shown an unwavering commitment to the American spirit and resilience in this competition, "Seiler said in a statement. We are excited about them, celebrate their success, and look forward to representing Team USA at the Olympic Games. "

The boat lands in New York City

Basketball was played in the summer games from 1992 to 2008 but was absent from the last two Olympics.

Although the roots of the game are in America, the United States has generally shown well at the international level but was still very young.

The U.S. It won gold in 2000 in Australia and bronze in 1996 and 2008. Americans failed to win the 2004 tournament.