The best memes left the fight of Julio César Chávez vs Macho Camacho Jr.


At the moment, Internet users ironize with the good relationship that the boxer has with Canelo Álvarez, who had a place in the corner.

After Julio César Chávez's fight against Héctor "El Macho" Camacho, the mixed feelings among Internet users are different, some applaud the boxer's performance; others disagree because he proclaims himself the best boxer of all time, overshadowing the prodigious career of his friend, Saúl "El Canelo Álvarez." However, the event, as in other historical sports meetings, lent itself to memes.

As it turns out, among Internet users, he highlighted that in the boxer's last fight, Canelo had a place in his corner and not his son, Julio César Chávez Junior. On this occasion, the tweeters ironized with a possible father-son relationship, which athletes could have.

"Chávez junior when he saw that his father Julio Cesar Chávez put Canelo in his corner," wrote a netizen. In a mocking tone, others pointed to the photo that is currently circulating on social networks, where Canelo and Chávez hug after the fight. It transpired at that moment that Saúl whispered to Chávez: "You are always the best of all time."

Meanwhile, on the Internet, they took advantage of Canelo's participation after the fight to remind him that people go viral on networks and await his donation. Some ironized that their next "sponsored person" could be Camacho and even Chávez's son himself.

In other publications, you can see how they subtitle the moment that the greats of Mexican boxing had. Instead of citing what Álvarez said, they commented: "You are my son." Others made fun of when Camacho lost and assured that Álvarez approached him to "put lemon on the wound."

Julio César Chávez stepped into the ring for the last time. On a night where he was the protagonist, he received the support of his family. Even Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez himself, the Great Mexican Champion, went hunting for Héctor "El Macho" Camacho from the first bell and managed to win. In this way, he delivered his last hooks and jabs to an audience that hailed him since his appearance at the Jalisco Stadium.

The exhibition began minutes before midnight on Saturday, June 19. The first to make his appearance was Héctor "Macho" Camacho Jr., the son of the Puerto Rican legend. The sparkles and glints of gold from her robe stood out in the dark corners of the room. Then, handling his hands, remembering his father, and interacting with the public with enormous joy, El Machito came dancing to the boxing ring. Once in the ring, he met a band from Sinaloa that waited for the right moment to start playing.

The corridor that saw the Macho arrive lit up once more. Then, with the first outbursts of the smoke bombs, the Sinaloan band from the venue began to sound. Chávez, the undefeated man of 90 fights, made his mark with his typical headband. Behind him, carrying a belt, his daughter Nicole led the corner. Similarly, on the walk , Julión Álvarez sang the song “El Rey” , composed by José Alfredo Jiménez.

Between shouts, lights, and flashes, the boxer in the white outfit arrived at his appointment on the platform. After giving a few laps and confirming her attendance, Edith Márquez sang the Mexican National Anthem. Immediately afterward, the Mexican thanked the public for their presence in Jalisco and gave the recognition belt to Don Rómulo Quirarte, who was his coach years ago.