The best thing that can happen to him: Faitelson's projection about the possible departure of JJ Mcias to Europe.


José Juan could leave the flock for a new team for the 2021 Apertura.

This afternoon the rumors about the departure of José Juan Macías from the Chivas de Guadalajara team began to gain strength. They linked him to the Getafe of football in Spain since it was speculated that the teams were already in negotiations to finalize the exchange.

The news had an impact on the sports field since, currently, JJ Macías is one of the significant figures of Chivas, and his departure would represent a substantial loss for the institution. The majority talked about the impact on their current team. However, David Faitelson came out to encourage him.

The ESPN sportscaster explained that his possible departure from the Guadalajara team would bring better benefits to the 21-year-old forward. Due to his age and how fast his career has been consecrated, it has cost him calls to the Mexican National Team and be considered for the next Olympic Games.

He shared his opinion about José Juan and what could await him in European football through his Twitter account.

"The best thing that can happen to JJ Macías is Getafe ... New 'airs,' new horizons ..."

The divided opinions were immediate since some followers of the commentator rejected his view; since being one of the controversial commentators from the sports world, they refuted the support he showed Macías.

On the other hand, different users agreed with the journalist. The forward demonstrated different skills throughout the last tournament that led him to be a Chivas figure.

Will José Juan Macías leave Chivas?

The afternoon of this Wednesday, the information circulated that the Canterano of the Sacred Herd was already in tough negotiations with Getafe. David Medrano Félix, a journalist for Azteca Deportes, was in charge of spreading the first reports on the forward's situation.

"JJ IS GOING From Jose John Macias to Getafe; things are practically closed.

Amaury Vergara has given the go-ahead for the forward's departure. It is not long before it becomes official, and JJ will fulfill his dream of playing in Europe, "he wrote on his Twitter account. For its part, ESPN also advanced the news of his departure.

It would not be the first time that speculation about the young forward's future has been speculated. With his demonstration in the last tournaments of Liga MX, he established himself as one of the best forwards in the Mexican league. His quick call to the national team caused others teams will be interested in him.

However, the exact name of the club that was interested in the player had not been known; now, everything indicates that he will leave the country to start a career in European football.

According to the transfer market portal, the price at which Juan Macías is traded in the market is 10 million euros. But, according to what the team led by Víctor Manuel Vucetcih has expressed, it could ask for around USD 15 million.

Macías was formed in Guadalajara, where he passed through practically all categories: from the Third Division, Sub 13, Sub 15, Sub 17, and Sub 20 until he reached the first team. In the lower classes, he scored 41 goals. 

His start was not favorable for Macías, so he was loaned to the whole of the Fiera de León. There he surprised and was consolidated by the hand of technical director  Ignacio Ambriz. Subsequently, the board headed by  Ricardo Peláez spoke with him to convince him of his return to the rojiblanco team. It became the fourth reinforcement for the Clausura 2020.