The black community feels cheated in Taylor's case

Details about the Taylor case in Louisville. The community is demanding the right judgment.


Black Americans enraged against the jury’s decision

A large number of Protestors are seen on the streets of America. The grand jury has removed all the charges imposed on the officers in the case. This resulted in a massive rage among the black community.

The actual issue and how it is being framed

Breonna Taylor from Louisville was killed in a raid by a police officer. The officers at the crime scene claim that Taylor’s boyfriend was the first one to shoot. The police retaliated in the heat of the moment. Some bullets also reached the nearby apartments. One police officer is charged for this careless behavior.

Incidents of misconduct among the people

·         A pickup truck rammed over a group in buffalo, injuring many innocent civilians.

·         Twitter video showing an office crushing a person’s head while riding a bike.

·         Painting Taylor’s name over famous Illinois monument, Centennial Memorial Column.

·         Street, leading to the Police Bureau’s headquarters of Portland was blocked by 300 protestors.

Community thoughts about this

After each consecutive situation, black people are in a state of shock. Starting with George Floyd, the number of protestors is increasing rapidly. People cried with slogans of Breonna Taylor’s name across the nation.

The black community wants the money to be invested in the education and welfare of a particular color.

Places like Jefferson Square Park have become a common area for people. Statues are displayed to pay tribute to Taylor.

The conclusion

33 years old Mathey Ballard is showing the ground reality on Facebook. The police are trying everything they can. Tear gas, pepper balls, and even barriers are used to control the crowd. But nothing was able to stop the enraged crowds. People demanded justice throughout the rally.

After the first incidence of George Floyd, the black community is filled with anger and rage. With an increase in the frequency of such cases, many people choose violence over peace. The situation is becoming worse day after day. The community members feel like only the black is being targeted. Though, the government is still trying to curb its way through this situation.