The Boca squad is still stranded in front of the police station in Brazil


The Boca squad is still stranded in front of the police station in Brazil: the nine accused after the scandal against Mineiro.

After the incidents in the stadium, the xeneize campus spent the night on the bus waiting for the authorization of the Justice to return to Argentina.

After the return match for the round of 16 between Atlético Mineiro and Boca, where Xeneize was eliminated on penalties after another controversial VAR performance, incidents occurred at the Mineirao 

Stadium facilities led by members of the visiting delegation, police, and Galo leaders.

There were nine people from the blue and gold team who were charged with the brawl, and the flight agreed for 2 a.m. on Wednesday had to be rescheduled for 3 p.m. Instead, the squad spent the night in Brazil aboard buses, at the door of a police station, where minutes and other procedures related to the fight registered in the stadium are being drawn up.

The people who would have been identified by the local authorities in the brawl are two members of the Football Council, Raúl Cascini and Jorge Bermúdez, the players Carlos Izquierdoz, Javier García, Sebastián Villa, Carlos Zambrano, Marcos Rojo, the field assistant Leandro Somoza and goalkeeper coach Fernando Gayoso. Some of them were summoned to testify and pay a bail of 9 thousand reais to return to Argentina.

Once the performances are over, the group will return to the hotel to collect the luggage and return to Argentina. We spend the night in buses. We have cell phones without batteries and in a state of complete uncertainty.

The club's lawyer is working to resolve the legal issue as quickly as possible. Still, we feel the opposite is happening on the other side - they do everything they can to make this endless," One of the directors who are in one of the buses next to the campus explained to Infobae.

The Argentine Embassy in Brazil made itself available to the xeneize club and worked to unblock the conflict and speed up the procedures.

"We're all leaving or none of us."

Once the game was over, when the Police wanted to arrest some members of the squad in the stadium, Boca's coach, Miguel Ángel Russo, lowered a clear directive: "We're all going or none of us ." For this reason, the entire group went by two buses to the police station until the judicial situation of the accused is resolved.

As Infobae was able to confirm, Ambassador Daniel Scioli intervened to assist the members of the Boca team, the coaching staff, and the leaders, given the possibility that some of them were delayed.

What happened in Brazil put Boca and the Argentine health authorities in a dilemma. Did the bubble burst, and the footballers will have to isolate themselves for ten days when they return to Buenos Aires? "This is an unusual situation, and not all procedures have been followed. When we evaluate the situation, we will make a decision," explained Argentine Health Minister Carla Vizzotti on Radio la Red. "They have had contact outside of what was stipulated, but it is necessary to evaluate exactly how the transfer has been, the situation, and all that," he added.


During the match, the Xenaz delegation, enraged by the canceled goal against Marcelo Weigandt at the request of the VAR, had already clashed with security agents and Sergio Coelho, president of the rival cast. He is seen amid the subsequent chaos throwing bottles.

Cascini and Marcelo "Chelo" Delgado, members of the Soccer Council, went to the referees' changing room and discussed with the authorities. It started as an angry protest, but it was raising the temperature. Finally, in the middle of the round trip, Russo himself and his assistant, Leandro Somoza, appeared.

A security employee, identified with a bib number 145, seemed to say something that took the former midfielder off the hook, who attacked him and everything that got in front of him. The tumult ended in a scandal. He mocked? 

At the end of the fight, Visa threw a dispenser and a fence, insulting the Bermudas and punching Izquierdoz and Marcos Rojo.

The tear-stained squad returned to the field.

The video of the president (Mineiro) is not beautiful. Still, the boys told me that the security man they are pushing has nothing to do with it, and they started insulting and making fun of him. And the image of their president, what is happening ... don't be surprised if they want to detain these people from Boca and nothing happens to the people of Brazil, Boca's vice president at Tyke Sports, John Roman attacked Recklessly.