The bоdy wаs dug uр in Detrоit, in а grаveyаrd, аfter the viсtims ' fаmilies

The FBI is assisting in Detroit and the police in the investigation. Clients whose loved ones have been told that the situation is a "nightmare."


John Hailey had spent an hour in the week at a Detroit cemetery, where some of her family members were buried, in the hope that remains, which were in the grave, that is, a backhoe in the coffins discovered, in response to complaints that some of the burial of the deceased person may have been in his place.

Hailey, who spoke with the News, in the garden of Gethsemane Cemetery on Tuesday, after a stay of about six hours, on Monday, said the deal with the possibility that her loved ones were buried in the wrong land, it is a traumatic experience.

"Even if my people are where they are supposed to be, and the mental stress, it's devastating," said Hailey, 51. "It's like living in a nightmare. I live in, literally, every single one of my members of the family, the funeral of the day, just to sit and look at it. It's a very, very disturbing."

The FBI is helping with the Detroit police department, the investigation of the graveyard of the city is located in the north-east side. Officials said Monday that out of the seven tombs which have been verified, the sex turned out to be a good one, the NBC affiliate WDIV in Detroit and new york, have also been reported.

A chief of police, Eric Decker, " he said, which is a marker in the wrong place, however, that the loved one has found it."

The investigation was launched after a family of a man who is buried in the cemetery, and I wanted to move their body to a different burial site, in order to be with the deceased loved ones, and the family then learned that their love for you in the body had not been assigned to the tomb, WDIV reported.

The cemetery, which was the first of the complaint, in April, the Detroit Free Press reported. The family wanted the body back up again in May, and it was found that four of the bodies were buried in a noble's grave, and none of the members of the family.

The cemetery is composed of a line of families who have had a hunch that their loved ones might be missing. The Hotline has received more than 50 complaints, 20, has been investigated, and the Freedom of the Press.

In colombia, the police have caused the death of about 20 people, the international rights group says

Mary C. Williams, 56, a lifelong Detroiter, he said, of her husband's coffin was dug up when the authorities were on the lookout for one other person. The body of her husband, who was buried at the right of the plot, was dug up once again on Monday, for the purpose of research, " she said.

"The FBI dug up at him," yesterday," Williams said on Tuesday. She said that the experience of having a body, it has to be taken out several times, causing her immense pain.

"The coffin has been broken. It is not a secret. This is a terrible, terrible thing," said Williams, whose husband died in 2016. "I'd like to get my husband out of it. The cemetery, which has been in disarray. No you don't know where the bodies are."

The cemetery was opened in 1909 and is the property of the city and is operated by a contractor, WDIV reported.