The Boy Scouts of the United States will pay 850 million dollars to 60 thousand victims of sexual abuse.


The economic settlement would mark one of the largest sums in the country's history in cases of this type. Moreover, it checks the organization founded in 1910 and has some 2.2 million members between the ages of five and 21.

The Boy Scouts of the United States reached an 850 million dollar settlement with attorneys representing some 60,000 victims of child sexual abuse. The economic settlement would mark one of the largest sums in the country's history in sexual abuse cases.

Attorneys for the Boy Scouts filed court documents Thursday night outlining the settlement with attorneys representing the victims. The compact also includes attorneys representing local Boy Scout councils and attorneys appointed to represent victims who may file claims in the future.

"After months of intense negotiations, the debtors have resolved with each of the official groups and major creditors in these Chapter 11 cases," the Boy Scouts attorneys wrote.

The Boy Scouts of America, based in Irving, Texas, sought bankruptcy protection in February 2020, moving to stop hundreds of lawsuits and create a compensation fund for men who were sexually abused as youngsters decades ago by scoutmasters or other leaders. .

As of November last year, about 95,000 people filed complaints of sexual abuse suffered by the Boy Scouts of the United States. Those figures reveal the magnitude of the alleged abuses committed over decades by members of the organization.

"We are appalled at the number of lives that have been abused in the past among Scouts and moved by the courage of those who have come out of the silence," the Boy Scouts of America organization said in a statement, without confirming the figures.

"We have voluntarily opened an easily accessible process to help victims apply for compensation. Unfortunately, his response has been heartbreaking. We are deeply sorry," added that organization, founded in 1910 and has some 2.2 million members between the ages of five and 21.

The Boy Scouts of America, which estimates its assets at more than $ 1 billion, has a network of local councils that own hundreds of camps and other properties across the country on the shores of lakes or in valleys, where young people receive training in exploration skills or ethical values.

Attorney Mones told The New York Times in November that the prevalence of abuses detailed in the cases presented is staggering but could still reflect only a fraction of the number of actual victims. "I knew there were a lot of issues, (but) I never thought it would come close to that number," he added.

After years of silence, the revelations about the US organization first came to light in 2012, when the Los Angeles Times published thousands of internal documents demonstrating decades of sexual abuse.

Those documents, which the press called the "perversion files, "formed a database with the names of some 5,000 adult volunteers to be scout leaders and suspected of committing sexual abuse against the children they had cared for.

Most of them had never been reported to the authorities, and the organization limited itself to expelling them.