The British royal family has accused Prince Harry of Meghan's father, according to documents from the Duchess

Meghan told her communications manager at the time that she had sent a letter to her father, Thomas Markle, with the intention of "protecting" her husband.


Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, said the British royal family "always criticized" her husband Prince Harry for his stepfather's behavior, according to messages released by a London court on Friday.

Earlier this year, a high court judge ruled that the Mail newspaper on Sunday violated Meghan's privacy and copyright by publishing portions of a letter she wrote to her father Thomas Markle in August 2018, three months after her marriage to Harry, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth.

A five-page letter to Markle followed the collapse of their relationship in preparation for her wedding, which she did not miss due to illness and after agreeing to take paparazzi photos, and their downfall was fueled by recent media reports. he offered.

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This week the newspaper appealed to the Court of Appeals to reverse the decision, saying the duchess had written the letter knowing it could be made public.

In a message released by the court on Friday, Meghan told her communications officer at the time, Jason Knauf, the "founder" of the letter that he saw "so much pain causing H" (Harry), and that his father Prince Charles and other royalty did not hold office.

"Even after a week with his father and he describes the situation indefinitely, his family seems to forget the context - and then go back to 'can he not see her and stop this?'," The text says.

"Basically they don't understand so at least by writing H he will be able to say to his family ... 'he wrote him a letter and he is still doing it.' By taking this kind of action I am protecting my husband from this going on. scolding, and although not impossible, it will probably give my dad a chance to stop. ”

Earlier this week, Mail's spokespersons said a witness statement from Knauf indicated that the duchess knew Markle could leak a piece of paper and was "careful" in his choice of words as a result.

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He dismisses the allegations, saying that he did not think he was going to punch it as it did not expose him properly. He also asked why Knauf quoted quotes from his messages rather than exposing himself in full.

Three judges in the Court of Appeals on Thursday said they would "take time" before issuing a ruling. If the Mail wins the complaint, the case will go to trial in which Meghan and her father will likely give evidence.