The caravan of Cubans arrived in Washington and protested in front of the White House against the Castro dictatorship.


The caravan of Cubans arrived in Washington and protested in front of the White House against the Castro dictatorship.

The protesters who left from various parts of the North American country are gathering in the capital to denounce the repression and ask the government of Joe Biden to tighten the measures against Havana.

Cuban protesters participating in a caravan that arrived in Washington protested this Monday in front of the White House to denounce the repression of the Castro dictatorship.

In the early hours of Sunday, the vehicles had departed from various cities to reach the US capital. Most left from Miami and others like Houston and New York, arriving in DC at night.

We must tell the most powerful country in the world that they are killing us. They are saying that everything is a lie. Brother, help us. Everything that has happened is happening, and the world prefers to believe that it is not happening, "said Cuban presenter Alexander Otaola, one of the promoters of the demonstration, in a live broadcast this Sunday from the highway.

According to the call, the objective is to make visible the situation of Cubans on the island, denounce the brutal repression of the regime in the face of dissent, and demand that Biden not lift the embargo but instead press Castro to achieve political changes.

The protest continued this Monday, with the group gathered in the streets in front of the government headquarters. There, "Patria y Vida" was being heard at total volume, which became an anthem for the opposition. They also sang the anthems of the US and Cuba, shouting for "freedom."

"You cannot negotiate or punish whoever kills to remain in power," said Otaola, actor, and influencer. He added from the megaphone addressing the authorities: "Listen to us! Mr. Biden, this is the time, step in now!".

Yoan David González, a caravan member to Washington, told Telemundo: "We want support for humanitarian intervention in our homeland. The Castro communist government is leading our people to the brink of death, the number of deaths from the corona virus and the repression seen in recent days is no secret.

The demonstration in Washington joins those registered in other cities such as Miami or Madrid.

Over the weekend, a flotilla of Cuban-American ships sailed to the limits of the Cuban coast to express their solidarity with the protesters with a fireworks show.

Navigator Oscar Alejandro confirmed the series that all ships have returned "safe and stable. According to the sailor, "When we saw the light of Havana, wow, that was the most exciting moment of our lives because we knew then that the people of Havana could see our light.