The Casting Couch Is Alive And Well As CEO Of Warner Brothers Is Investigated—Sex For Career Advancement Implications

Yet another report out of Hollywood of a top executive trading in sexual favors promising career advancement.

source: Los Angeles Times

Kevin Tsujihara, who took over for Barry Meyer as Warner Brothers Entertainment CEO, recently releases a statement, concerning an investigation that is underway that may implicate him in both inappropriate behavior and misconduct.  Tsujihara took over in March 2013, as the studio’s top executive, giving the Warner Brothers the distinction having their Hollywood studio run by the first Asian-American executive.

The news of a sexual relationship existing between Tsujihara and Charlotte Kirk, a young British actress broke last week.  The allegations of misconduct state that Tsujihara’s relationship with the young actress was in exchange for his helping to advance her acting career.  The evidence of the misconduct was presented in the form of hundreds of text messages between the two, that had been leaked. 

Reportedly Tsujihara was introduced to Kirk by both Brett Ratner (also having been accused of sexual harassment) and James Packer (who was himself involved with the actress previously).  According to those close to the situation, the couple was introduced in 2013, and their relationship lasted reportedly for three years.   

Since the affiliation, Kirk has seen a series of roles in successful Warner Brothers films such as 2016's "How To Be Single" as well as "Ocean's 8" in 2018.  However, the relationship took a hard turn, as Kirk did not feel her career was advancing at the rate at which she had been promised.

The initial probe failed to turn up any substantial appearances of misconduct on Tsujihara’s part, as both parties denied any claims of wrongdoing.  However, due to the leak of the hundreds of text messages between Tsujihara and Kirk, a second investigation will be launched, utilizing a third-party firm to look even closer into the situation and gather what information that they can. 

THR (The Hollywood Reporter) was able to get hold of a copy of Tsujihara’s statement on the allegations and the investigation and reported that it does include an apology for his misconduct and behavior.  However, the CEO requested that those at Warner Brothers not allow the controversy to sidetrack them in any manner, and to keep their focus and their energy on their work.

Over the last few years, Tsujihara has been said to have taken to meddling in multiple films within the studio’s DCEU franchise, specifically in Snyder’s “Justice League.”  Not only was he the one to demand that the film run under two hours, which many to this day feel compromised its storyline, he reportedly, along with studio president Toby Emmerich, absolutely refused to delay the film due to multiple post-production issues that came up.  All so that they wouldn’t risk the chance of losing their cash bonuses.

So, what’s the verdict—you decide.

After all is said the done, and the evidence presented, will Tsujihara be implicated a modern day “casting couch” scandal?