The CDC director predicts that we are nearing "doom" due to the rise in coronavirus infections. I'm afraid.


This Monday Rochelle Walensky, warned about the "doom" toward which the United States is going due to the continuous increase of coronavirus infections. She requested citizens to remain using the mask and keeping social distance.

Walensky said, I speak to you as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, to ask you to set up with a little more, "I hope with all my might for this to end, I know everyone wants it, we are almost there, but not yet that they hold out a little longer until they get vaccinated when they can so that all the people we love remain here with us when the pandemic ends.

Walensky, who has been preparing for weeks about dangerous data on viruses, including new forms of coronavirus, said like last summer, she feared the United States would be hit by a new wave of cases. And that's why Europe is suffering now. Who has been threatening for weeks about disturbing statistics on diseases linked with new forms of conjunctivitis said she worried the United States would endure a new wave of cases. Similar to that of last summer and that which Europe is now suffering.

He attached the new changes because more and more people are traveling, and governors are easing careful steps.

He said, "right now, I'm scared. I'm going to go off lines,

The average number of cases grew 10% to almost 60,000 a day in the last week, he said, and hospitalizations and deaths have also increased (3%, to an average of 1,000 a day).

I reiterate my advice to all mayors and local leaders, governors to keep and recover the necessary use of masks. Please, this is not a political inquiry. If you have revoked these ordinances, reinstate them. Asked Joe Biden at a press meeting on Monday to notify the public about the development in the immunization campaign.

Today, 73% of those over 65 had received at least one dose, and in total more than a third of all adults. Biden announced that within three weeks, up to 90% of adults in the United States will be able to get vaccinated if they wish and that the number of pharmacies where it can be done has doubled.

By that same date, 90% of the country's adults "will have a vaccination center within five miles (eight kilometers) of where they live," the president added.

To that end, the government will increase the number of pharmacies participating in the federal vaccination program from 17,000 to 40,000 over the next three weeks.

The executive will also set up "a dozen" new large-scale vaccination centers run by federal officials, including one in St. Louis, Missouri, Indiana, Gary, and another with 21 already established across the country, will be added.