The chilling moment a mother prevented her son from being abducted in New York.


Police captured the suspect in the attempted kidnapping while searching for his companion. However, they have not yet determined the motives for the event.

It was another day of summer, quiet, in which Dolores Díaz was walking with her three children down a street in Queens, New York. And nobody could imagine what was going to happen next: a man in a parked red car, who another person in the passenger seat accompanied, ran down to the sidewalk, kidnapped the smallest of the children, and put him in the vehicle.

However, Dolores and her other two children acted quickly and courageously. They jumped on the car. Through the open passenger window, they managed to get the little one safe and sound. So the nightmare, fortunately for the family, ended there.

Thanks to the work of the police and checking security cameras in the area, the man was identified and arrested by the authorities. However, the other suspect, who was at the time of the kidnapping attempt, is wanted.

The incident occurred last Thursday around 8 pm in the Richmond Hills neighborhood of Queens. The attempted kidnapping was caught on a building security video.

Dolores and her other two children ran to the car and tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"My God, my children, please," cried Dolores.

The woman described the moment when her maternal instincts kicked in, and she acted without thinking, quickly.

When I saw my son entering the back seat, I pulled him out. He said.

In the video, you can see how the woman yanks little Jacob, five years old, out of the vehicle, which accelerates and almost hits someone in his flight.

A neighbor of the place, who witnessed the scene, declared terrified by what happened since they say that the area is tranquil and safe.

On Friday night, police captured James McGonagle, 24, of Queens in New York City.

The man was charged with attempted kidnapping, acting recklessly and putting the lives of other people at risk, and acting harmfully against a child under 17 years of age.

Police are still searching for the second suspect and believe they may be both father and son. McGonagle is currently being treated at a local hospital for a psychiatric diagnosis.

It is still unclear why they tried to kidnap the child; the authorities are investigating the motives for the incident.

Meanwhile, the Díaz family is still in shock and trying to recover from what happened.

I view the video; oh my gosh, I mean literally?" Diaz said.

Nonetheless, she is grateful to have her children safely home.

Little Jacob is at home. Fortunately, he was not injured, said Dolores. "Today, I feel good, thank God. I feel good, "he added.