The chilling moment when a seagull crashes in the face of a girl who was strolling in a mechanical game.


The events occurred in a water park in New Jersey; the victim and the bird were unharmed.

A couple of teenagers lived for a few seconds, one of the moments that could well be the most traumatic in their lives. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. But it is undoubtedly an episode in their lives that they will never forget. The setting was an amusement park in the state of New Jersey, in the United States.

The story's protagonists were Georgia Reed, 14 years old, and her friend Kiley Holman, 13 years old. The two teens were at Morey's Piers & Beachfront Water Park in Wildwood on Georgina's birthday.

Then Kiley came up with the idea from which all his anecdote starts: to get on one of the Sling Shot's most classic attractions. It is about that game in which, once the passenger is highly attached to their seat, they are all thrown at incredible speed at an unexpected moment, which in a matter of seconds are already at the highest end of the device.

Once they got on, very indeed, all kinds of thoughts passed through his head, except for the surrealist scene that they were about to experience. Then, the game started, and the girls, along with the other passengers, shot out.

A video shows the moment when the tether starts. Both girls, at first, the typical grimace of someone who begins to experience the adrenaline of such a game is observed. But within seconds, a third actor enters the scene.

A seagull hit the face of young Kiley, who was already traveling at a reasonable speed, about 120 kilometers per hour. Then for a few seconds, the bird remains pressed against the neck of the young woman who did not believe what was happening. Fortunately, he had a good reflection, and when he felt the impact, he waited for the bird to turn around. Then, after the lowest moments he had her against his body, he managed to push the seagull to one side.

The remaining moments, at least in the viral recording, are screams full of horror. A combination indeed between the experience with the seagull, which hit it at full speed, and the sensation of adrenaline produced by the game.

At all times, the other teenager who had her birthday seemed absorbed without believing what she was seeing.

At the end of the recording, first disseminated on networks and later on local media, it can be seen how the bird was unharmed because after being thrown, it managed to take flight and withdrew freely.

"I knew there was no going back and that he was going to hit me," Kiley said in an interview with local media. He also pointed out that although it was not clear at the time what to do, I waited for the seagull to "turn around," to grab it later and shake it off "quickly".

Meanwhile, the mother of the birthday girl, called Arena Reed, who was present in the park, waiting for them at the entrance of the attraction, said that she did not realize what happened in the air until the ride ended. . "I saw the wings fall from the vehicle, but at first I thought they were bills," said the lady.

Fortunately, nothing terrible happened to Kiley Holman herself, so she did not even need medical attention. However, she did tell local media, quite convinced, that she does not believe that she will ever get on the Sling Shot again.