The controversy of the annulled goal for Argentina against Paraguay at the end of the first half


The controversy of the annulled goal for Argentina against Paraguay at the end of the first half: was there Messi offside?

The analysis of the play where Albicelete could have extended its advantage, but the referee understood that there was an offside.

In his third game in the Copa America, Brazil Argentina team took the lead against Paraguay with Alejandro "Papu" Gómez. It could have extended their lead with a second goal that the referee disallowed for offside.

It was 45 minutes into the first half when a cross came from the left, Lionel Messi failed to connect, and Paraguayan defender Junior Alonso put it against. But the referee interpreted at first that Messi interfered in the goalkeeper's vision, but this did not happen because the goalkeeper rejected without his position (Messi's) hindering him since the ball was always in presence of the player.

Messi never wanted to participate and stepped aside for the ball to pass, nor did it impact the goalkeeper or vision. Therefore, it is a lousy conceptualization to think that Messi, in that position, obtained a benefit because he did not interfere with the rival player.

Judge Jesús Valenzuela supported his decision at the beginning of the play. He understood that there was offside from the free kick taken by Ángel Di María. While capturing the photo, the blue line indicated the status of the Paraguayan defender.

The match was tough because of the possibility of a crash against Paraguay. However, a team that is always very rough in its game and recent years began to have fast players like Miguel Almirón and the level that Ángel Romero showed, who scored two goals in the 3-1 victory against Bolivia.

However, after the promise of the first half, once again in fulfillment, the Argentine team reduced its performance, which was already visible in the last two matches in the Copa America and the double history of the World Cup qualifier in Qatar.2022.

The match played in Brasilia between Argentina and Paraguay corresponds to Group A's third date. The meeting was vital for the Albiceleste cast since they will be accessible on the following date and will close their participation zone against Bolivia the following Monday.

In addition, this victory ensured their qualification for the quarterfinals as the team led by Lionel Scaloni reached seven points and was the group leader. They are followed by Chile (5), Paraguay (3), Uruguay (1), and Bolivia (0). Thus, beyond the Argentine team losing in its fourth match, it is already classified anyway.

What remains to be seen in the last two days is where Argentina's last position is. Suppose he manages to maintain the first position. In that case, he will not have an eventual confrontation with Brazil until the expected final, which will be played on July 10 at the Maracana Stadium.

For now, the Argentine team will have a week off. First, he will return to the country and continue with his concentration in the Ezeiza field, where he will begin to prepare the game against the Bolivians. Thus, the first objective was met, and the move to the next instance was achieved. But for now, he's still in debt in terms of his overall performance.