The current Tigers coach, Coyoacán, was robbed at his home in the mayor's office.


The robbery occurred without violence due to the absence of people at home. The authorities are already investigating to find those responsible.

On Wednesday night, the current Tigers coach, Coyoacán, was robbed at his home in the mayor's office.

On Wednesday night, the current Tigres coach was the victim of a robbery at his home in the Coyoacán Mayor's Office. The theft was carried out without violence because the house was empty.

Since Piojo Herrera now lives in Nuevo León to fulfill his job duties, he left a house in the Mexican capital. The attackers took advantage of the situation, without any supervision other than being homeless and cleaning staff.

In the early hours of Thursday, the same cleaning staff was in charge of reporting the crime. 

The Mexican Helsman's home is in the Bosque de Tetlamya neighborhood.

According to the first investigations of the folder with the folio FICO / UAT-COY-2 / UI-1S / D / 224 / 08-2021, it was possible to know that the Louse was stripped of 35 watches of different brands that, so far, it is unknown what they are.

They also took six pairs of glasses, of which the brands are also unknown, and 288 thousand pesos in cash. According to the investigation, it was indicated that everything stolen was inside a safe.

The former coach of the Mexico national team is currently based in Nuevo Leon with the Monterey team due to his new plan.

Therefore, the person in charge of appearing in the capital to present the complaint was the legal representative of Piojo.

Near the home, several security cameras are already being analyzed by the authorities to identify those responsible for said dispossession. However, the Mexican strategist has not yet given statements in this regard after suffering said theft.

Louse problems

The former América coach did not start his new stage in the feline box in the best way. In his first meetings in front of the auriazules, Herrera was severely criticized by Tigres fans on social networks. The comparison with Ricardo Ferretti, former coach of the University, is constantly debated by analysts and experts in national football.

On Twitter, the hashtag "Outside Piojo" became a trend, which emerged while the coach was at Club América and became a factor in his dismissal from the azulcrema bench.

At the start of the "Grita México" tournament of the MX League, the Tigres beat the Tijuana Xolos at home, ending 1-2. But, by this time, those led by Herrera had found a slight respite from their detractors.

However, on the second day, the Auriazules visited La Bombonera. They left with their first setback due to a bulky 3-1. The midfielder and team captain, Guido Pizarro, was sent off in the second half and complicated the game plan implemented by Herrera.

A week later, the Estadio Universitario became the setting for the Hidalgo-born strategist's home debut. In addition, there was the presentation of the "bomb reinforcement" by Florian Thauvin. He was sent off in the first half and left his team at a disadvantage against Santos. In the end, the scoreboard ended 1-1 with complications for the locals.

In the middle of the week, the reproach of the Monterrey fans was unleashed against Miguel and the royal team when they were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the League Cup, at the hands of the Seattle Sounders of the MLS.

Herrera stressed that he would use players who have not had constant participation in previous competitions a day before the match. In this way, they would win the title of said Cup. Unfortunately, the game ended 3-0 in favor of the US team and the tiger coach. He exhibited him on social networks with a video where he makes words with a fan at the end of the meeting.