The Danish national team issued a new medical report by Christian Eriksen.


The 29-year-old was the protagonist of a dramatic episode during the match between Denmark and Finland for the first day of Group B of Euro 2020.

Tension and concern continue in world football for the health of Danish attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen, who this Saturday suffered a dramatic swoon during Denmark-Finland, which caused fear for his life and caused the suspension of the match.

Less than 24 hours after what happened, the Danish Football Union shared an official statement in which it tried to calm down both the fans and the press in general: "This morning we spoke with Christian, who has sent his regards to his classmates. His condition is stable, and he continues to be hospitalized for a more detailed examination".

He added that the team and national team staff have received help in the event of a crisis and will remain together after tomorrow's incident.

This new information joins his representative, Martin Schoots, who confirmed that the player is conscious and can communicate with the hospital staff to which he was transferred.

"His father told me that he is breathing and that he can speak. That is the news with which we are happy, in these circumstances. That's all I know," the representative told Dutch radio NPO 1. "Everyone is in shock; that is logical. His partner is now with him in the hospital," he added.

The event occurred 41 minutes into the match that the Danish and Finnish teams were contesting for the first date of Group B of the Eurocup. The 29-year-old midfielder, who currently works for Inter Italia, went looking for a ball and fell collapsed. Immediately, his companions called for medical attention. While the specialists attended him, the footballers positioned themselves around Eriksen to prevent the moment from being seen.

After the medical emergency that involved the Danish player Christian Eriksen, there has been a crisis meeting with both teams and referees," detailed the official account of the Eurocup on their social networks. The event aroused the most significant concern worldwide since it was possible to see how the doctors performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the middle of the playing field.

In Copenhagen, the entire Parken Stadion, which hosted this Euro Cup match, fell silent as doctors tried to revive the player. Seconds later, he was transferred on a stretcher and with respiratory assistance to the local hospital. Although they covered the scene to prevent the images from being seen, an AFP photo brought reassurance: Eriksen was seen consciously holding his head. In unison, the stands applauded to accompany the player's departure.

The midfielder is one of the stars of the Danish team but also a figure in world football. He began his professional career at Ajax in the Netherlands. His good performances allowed him to make the leap to the Premier League for the 2013/14 season. He remained at Tottenham until the beginning of 2020 when he signed for Inter of Italy, his current club.