The dramatic moment is when two teenagers go down the pipe of a burning building in New York.


The dramatic moment is when two teenagers go down the pipe of a burning building in New York.

The young people managed to reach the ground safely, while their mother was in serious condition.

A video captures the moment when two teenage brothers escaped through the fourth-floor window of their 14-story building in New York when a fire engulfed their apartment, seriously injuring their mother and Her boyfriend died.

A video shared by Justin Malpeka via Storyfill shows smoke billowing from the fourth-floor window of the Jacob Rice Houses in the East Village on Thursday when the two brothers - aged 18 and 13 - Tried to run away

A teenage girl dressed in black, later identified as an 18-year-old girl, climbed out of the broken window and hung about 15 meters above the ground from the windowsill. He then held onto a narrow yellow tube attached to the building as the people below spread out what appeared to be a sheet.

Her 13-year-old brother followed her out of the smoke-shrouded apartment and swung his legs to reach the pipe before her sister dragged him to her side.

A second video showed the teens going down the pipe as flames shot out the window.

Despite firefighters arriving at the complex four minutes after the 911 call, the brothers continued their dangerous descent before the boy made it safely to the ground after 25 seconds, followed by his sister.

"Her skin was peeling off her arm," neighbor Shala Coleman told the NY Daily News. "I put it on the blanket. Then, a police officer and I took her to the banks," he added, according to the Daily Mail.

The unidentified siblings were rushed to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell in stable condition. Still, their 46-year-old mother was in serious condition.

The cause of Thursday's fire is under investigation, but firefighters are suspicious of electric bicycles in the department.

Neighbor Shaquane Mitchell said she and others tried to break down the door of the family's apartment while the mother screamed for help.

"We tried to kick the door. The mother could not open it. He was screaming, 'I can't open it!'" He said, according to the Daily Mail.

Witness Christian Cortes, 20, was outside the building and videotaped the teenagers' dramatic escape. "It was terrifying," he detailed. "I prayed to God that they would come down safely. Instead, she grabbed onto the post, and it looked like she was going to let go, "he added.

Cortés recalled seeing bicycles thrown out of the burning apartment window.

The fatality was "fixing bicycles," said 68-year-old neighbor Ada Feliciano.

He recalled visiting his neighbors' apartment and commenting on the number of bicycles that filled the rooms.

"The room was full of bicycles," Feliciano recalled. "God forbid there is a fire. How would you get out?" she told herself, according to the Daily Mail.

"I predicted it," he claimed after the fire.

Officials with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) have reported 93 fires caused by lithium batteries for bicycles this year, more than double the total of 44 in 2020. The fires were responsible for the deaths of four people. And 73 others were injured.