The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex Are Reportedly Moving to Africa - Is It Just The Next Royal Rumor?

source: Wikimedia Commons

According to publications in the British press, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex could move to Africa after they welcome their firstborn.

The news broke while the royal family attended the Easter Sunday church service that coincided with the Queen's 93rd birthday yesterday. As Rebecca English, the royal correspondent of the Daily Mail noted, the idea was still in an initial stage. 

The proposal came from the former British ambassador to the United States, David Manning who is now serving as an exclusive adviser on international affairs to Prince Harry. In Manning's view, sending the newly-weds on an international assignment abroad could build on their network for the Crown and the Commonwealth. 

In Rebecca English's words, the initial plans for a six month ''secondment'' of Harry and Meghan to Africa are likely to turn into a more extended stay. The Palace would not take a final decision on the matter before 2020, the sources say. 

In an interview with CNN, the Buckingham Palace spokesperson briefly commented that any plans related to the short-term future of the Sussex royals are in a brainstorming stage and nothing final has been decided on their prospective roles.

Internal sources familiar with the matter expected that Prince William would support his brother in any decision he undertakes. 

It is not immediately clear which African country the royal couple is considering. In Africa, there are 19 Commonwealth nations including South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, and Ghana. 

As Rebecca English pointed out, Prince Harry has always been taken to heart the idea of an international sabbatical. He wanted to pursue it for a long time now and to focus on issues such as wildlife conservation, environment, and education.

Years ago, while still single, Prince Harry went to Lesotho where he co-founded the Sentebale charity to combat with poverty among local children in Lesotho, Botswana, and Malawi. Prince Harry is also working for Rhino Conservation Botswana and said on numerous occasions how proud he was to call the country his second home.

Reportedly, he fell in love with Botswana shortly after the tragic passing of his mother, Princess Diana. Prince Charles took his sons to a safari to Botswana to get away from their grief.

Undoubtedly, Africa holds a special meaning to both Harry and Meghan. At the beginning of their relationship in 2016, they spent a short romantic holiday in Botswana. The couple returned to the country a year later for a more extended, three-week holiday. In addition to that, Meghan Markle's engagement ring features a conflict-free diamond from Botswana.

Do you think that the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex will move to Africa soon after they welcome their first child or it is the very next speculation around the royal family?