The fever for Lionel Messi grows in France: the endless line to buy his shirt in an official PSG store.


Many fans traveled to the business located in Champs-Élysées to acquire the new clothing with the name of the Argentine star.

It is not another day in Paris. The city is revolutionized by the presentation of Lionel Messi at PSG. Finally, the 34-year-old Argentine footballer landed in the French capital. The fever for his transfer began to rise rapidly, to the point that a large number of fans did not delay trying to get his shirt. While Messi participated in the press conference in the Parque Los Príncipes, the public went to get the new clothes.

Images of the long line outside the Paris Saint Germain official store on Champs-Élysées avenue went viral on social networks. In one of the videos shared by users, fans of the French cast are seen waiting for their turn to enter the business to have their Leo Messi shirt.

Some with a mask, others not, but all wish to obtain the jersey with the number 30 as soon as possible, the same one that the Rosario star wore during the beginning of his professional career at Barça.

Although the French team enabled the jersey sale through its web store after the official announcement, many fans preferred this Wednesday to go directly to the official Paris Saint Germain boutique to avoid having to wait for delivery times. According to a report by the EFE agency, some fans went to stay all night with chairs, pillows, and some food.

The endless queue that occupied the entire block generated confusion among passers-by, who wondered if Lionel Messi himself was inside the store. It was hard to believe that there is such a crowd to buy the shirt.

The vast majority decided to purchase the blue version of Messi's shirt with the name of the Argentine footballer and the number 30 on the back. This garment costs USD 187.99 in size for adult men, while the female version costs USD 112.99 and the children's version costs USD 151. There is also the white model with black and pink details, which is only available for children and has USD 97.99.

The 'Messimanía' in Paris is just beginning. His first training session is still missing. Nevertheless, his debut as a new player for a Paris Saint Germain has formed a luxury team to try to win the long-awaited Champions League for the umpteenth time. He had already completed significant reinforcements with players such as Hakimi, Sergio Ramos, Wijnaldum, Donnarumma. But the landing of Lionel Messi is an unmatched differential in sports and media; the public's enthusiasm has evidenced it.