The flotilla of support for Cuba left Miami: "This is not a time for politics, but humanity."


During the voyage to Key West, where they will stop to refuel, and the Coast Guard will check the ships, new vessels and boats may be added waiting in ports in the Florida Keys. The word of Alex Dennes, one of the participants.

Almost an hour late and only four ships set sail this Friday, the "flotilla of support for Cuba, "which intends to reach 15 miles (about 24 kilometers) from the island to let Cubans who protest against the regime know that they have your backing.

It is unknown if during the journey to Key West, where they will stop to refuel. The Coast Guard will review the ships, new vessels will be added, and boats waiting in that port of the Florida Keys will also be added.

Only four boats showed up at the meeting point set for departure, less than the number of journalists gathered there to report on the release.

Alex Dennes was one of those who gathered in the Bay of Biscay and front of the center of Miami aboard a boat, and pointed out that the trip will be worth it because once they see them, "the Cuban regime will be more motivated to reduce its action, "he told local media CBS Miami.

This Cuban immigrant, who arrived in the United States at the age of 13, stressed that this "is not a time for politics, but humanity ."

There is no content related to this game on the Instagram account of one of the moderators, Osdany Veloz. There are many comments in support of the move, some from Cuba.

The Cuban-American told EFE News Agency on Thursday that it has all the permits of the United States Coast Guard for the "event" of solidarity with the Cuban people, which has been against the island's government since November 11. Are demonstrating July

He clarified that they do not intend to enter Cuban territory. "We are not going to touch the land or waters of Cuba," he emphasized.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reiterated that a permit is required to enter Cuban waters on the eve of the flotilla's departure. Those who violate that rule face ten years in prison, fines of $ 25,000 a day. And the confiscation of the vessel.

He also warned that those who bring foreigners into the United States illegally face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 per day.

The departure of the flotilla was scheduled for last Monday, but the group of young Cubans in Miami that organizes it decided, after meeting with representatives of the Coast Guard, a postponement to "do better" things and give more security to an initiative that has had a lot of echo in the media and the Cuban community in South Florida.

The plane will take about four hours to travel from Miami to the west. Before reaching the site by the Coast Guard, their equipment will be rebuilt and checked, where they will gather at sunset to start fireworks and light Chinese lanterns.

At this point, about 15 miles from Cuba, the boats will have more engines. Still, they have to adjust their position every 15 minutes, according to a plan published on the networks.

The objective is to let Cubans on the island know that they are not alone in their fight against the one-party regime that has held power in Cuba since January 1959.