The founder of the Moderna laboratory, blunt: "The coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan laboratory."


Canadian biologist Derrick Rossi also believes COVID-19 could become endemic, so that dose boosters will be required every two to three years.

He has just been awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research, but that does not cloud him about what is essential: the fight against the coronavirus. Derrick Rossi, one of the Canadian founders of the Moderna laboratory that developed one of the most effective vaccines against COVID-19, is blunt about the origin of the pandemic and does not hesitate to say that it originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

Contrary to what is dictated by the account of the Chinese regime, which tries to maintain the hypothesis of natural transmission of the coronavirus, the renowned biologist affirms that there are no indications that indicate that path that Beijing is trying to impose. "We have no proof in any way, but this virus is so different from bats that it seems unlikely to me that it was a natural leap.", Says Rossi in dialogue with the newspaper.

"It is a fact that a laboratory in Wuhan worked with him, and I am convinced that he came out of there, that he escaped them. I don't think it was deliberate, they were studying it, and there was an accident. China, of course. He denies it, but this is the explanation that seems more logical to me, "the scientist insists.

Rossi also considers it probable that humanity will encounter new pandemics in the future, even though politicians were not prepared for this one that took them by surprise. Although we quickly forget about others, such as the 1918 flu, especially politicians, I am convinced that this epidemic has been a rare thing, although there is no doubt that human jumps and There will be more pathogens causing the disease. I hope we are more prepared for it. And there will be technologies that we don't yet know will help us, "he stressed.

Asked by the journalists of the Spanish newspaper regarding the possibilities that the vaccines are effective against the coronavirus and put an end to the epidemic, Rossi pointed out that it is likely that taking into account the mutation that the viruses experience, they will have to be inoculated regularly. "It is difficult to know. It may be that the vaccine makes us generate a natural immunity. It is unnecessary, but it can also happen that the virus changes or becomes endemic, like the flu. Therefore, we have to get vaccinated every one or two years, "he said.

"Viruses are the perfect evolutionary unity that exists. They know how to adapt to any inconvenience, and you may be able to adapt to the vaccine. The good thing about messenger RNA technology is that, quickly, we can adapt to it as well, so I am optimistic, "he said about the vaccine developed by Moderna, the laboratory he founded in 2010.

The origin of the coronavirus

The scientific world demands that the Chinese regime be transparent and allow a global and unrestricted inspection of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the laboratory referred to by Rossi. For many could be the place where the coronavirus spread accidentally. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, Beijing has denied that possibility and tried to install the version that COVID-19 spread naturally in food markets in that city of Hubei province.

So far, almost 4 million people have died as a result of the infectious disease. For the scientific community, it is vitally important to discover how the transmission could begin to prevent future pandemics such as the current one that has been going on for more than a year and a half. However, the Xi Jinping regime consistently refuses to cooperate.

Even at the beginning of the outbreak, it prohibited Wuhan doctors from talking about the respiratory virus that had mysteriously begun to attack patients in that populous city. In addition, the scientists who work or developed tasks at the Institute of Virology had to sign a confidentiality document by which they are prohibited from talking about what happens there.