The full schedule of the Olympic Games two days before the opening ceremony


The full schedule of the Olympic Games two days before the opening ceremony: a great victory for Brazil in women's football.

Soccer and softball start a good part of their calendars during the 48 hours before the official opening of the highest sporting event. This Thursday, Argentina makes its debut in men's football and Germany-Brazil face.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will officially begin with the expected opening ceremony next Friday, July 23, starting at 8 in the morning (Argentine time). Still, the activity has already been created several hours before the hand of softball and soccer. Mainly. The sports schedule starts to get a bit full after 19 days, despite the difficult day in the Japanese mainland.

After softball gets ahead of everyone with the game between Japan and Australia, the Wednesday and Thursday schedule will be packed with action with five more rounds of discipline, six in women's soccer, eight in men's soccer, and rowing and shooting action.

In women's football, the ball spread with the confrontation between Chile and Britain, a 2-0 victory for the Europeans. Then, led by the historic Marta, Brazil beat China 5-0, and Sweden beat the United States 3-0, one of the gold candidates.

With the start of the men's soccer group stage, the most anticipated matches will take place early on Thursday. Aside from the fact that in Argentina, the focus will be on Fernando Batista-led All-Australia at the start of the 23rd (7.30 am), the day's proceedings will begin at 4.30 pm with a team of candidates. : Spain to meet Egypt.

In addition, the event will be closed with a lightning strike between Brazil and Germany at 8.30 am.


Italy 0-2 United States (softball)

Mexico 0-4 Canada (softball)

Chile 0-2 Great Britain (women's football)

Brazil 5-0 China (women's soccer)

The United States 0-3 Sweden (women's soccer)

• 7.30: Japan-Canada (women's soccer)

• 8.00: Netherlands-Zambia (women's football)

• 8.30 am: Australia-New Zealand (women's football)

• 21.00: Canada-United States (softball)


 00.00: Mexico-Japan (baseball)

• 3.00: Australia-Italy (baseball)

• 4.30: Spain-Egypt (men's soccer)

• 5.00: South Korea-New Zealand (men's soccer)

• 5.00: Mexico-France (men's soccer)

• 5.30: Ivory Coast-Saudi Arabia (men's soccer)

• 7.30: Argentina-Australia (men's soccer)

• 8.00: Honduras-Romania (men's soccer)

• 8.00 am: Japan-South Africa (men's soccer)

• 8.30 am: Brazil-Germany (men's soccer)

• From 8.30 pm to midnight: rowing (skiff, double scull, and quadruple scull)

• 21.00: archery (women's competition, classification)


• 8.00: Opening ceremony