The gesture of Cristiano Ronaldo after the elimination of Portugal outrages the world of football.


The striker was upset by his team's defeat against Belgium in the European Championship and repeated a scene that had already generated a shower of criticism.

Belgium qualified for the quarterfinals of the European Championship this Sunday by beating Portugal, current continental champions, 1-0, in what was shaping up to be a truly anticipated final in Seville. In the first half, a goal from Thorgan Hazard gave the Belgians the passport to Munich, where on Friday, they will face Italy for a place in the semifinals of the continental tournament.

In this way, Cristiano Ronaldo said goodbye to the contest that he conquered in 2016. It is estimated that this has been his last participation since for the next edition, in 2024, he will be 40 years old. So, after the last count, Gunner was badly injured and could not hide his anger.

As soon as the whistle that decreed the elimination of the Lusitanian team sounded, the striker took off the captain's tape and threw it hard against the ground. Then he squatted down and swallowed his anger. That scene captured by the transmission and by several photographers earned him a wave of criticism because his revenge with the captain's band has symbolism of contempt that is not usually well seen.

After that, Romelu Lukaku, star of the Belgium national team, approached Cristiano to console him before leaving the pitch. It seemed that there would be another tantrum from the Juventus striker, but no. Instead, Ronaldo had one more angry moment before entering the locker room tunnel captured by a fan with his camera from the stands.

The 36-year-old footballer threw the captain's tape back to the ground and kicked. There are children from all over the world who represent their park teams with more respect and dignity than Cristiano Ronaldo did in his home country, wrote one user who shared the video on social media."Embarrassing example of Cristiano Ronaldo's captain," tweeted another.

In the recording, it is seen how an assistant takes the bracelet from the floor and returns it to the scorer, who rejects it and makes a new gesture of annoyance, raising his right hand with speed. Another user said, "messi does this, and they don't let him in."

The truth is that it is not the first time that Ronaldo stars in an episode like this. In March of this year, in a duel against Serbia for the European Qualifiers towards the Qatar World Cup 2022. The Juventus player scored a goal in injury time that would have given his team a key victory, but the referee team committed a serious mistake and did not validate his agonizing conquest.

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United footballer protested to the judges, removed his captain's tape, and threw it violently. For this reason, he received several criticisms that forced him to speak about his reaction: "After the game, the Portuguese captain made his release on social networks. Being the captain of the Portugal team is the greatest pride and privilege of my life. I always give and will give everything for my country. It will never change. But there are tough times to deal with, especially when we feel like an entire nation is being harmed. So raise your head and face the next challenge now! Force Portugal!" He wrote on Instagram.

Portugal's coach, Fernando Santos, considered his team's downfall unfair: "It's an unfair result, but this is football. If you score, you win, they scored a goal, and we didn't". In addition, he added: "My men played with a strong mentality; they always tried to attack, recover balls, defend when they touched ... Belgium had six shots, one was on goal, and we had 29 shots."

Regarding his top figure, he stated: "He worked a lot today. He didn't score a goal, but he did everything. He was a true captain. He gave everything, he tried to change the game, come back, I don't think there is a problem with Ronaldo", he concluded.

Cristiano says goodbye to the contest as the top gunner so far with five conquests, three of them from penalties. For its part, Belgium will face Italy in the quarterfinals next Friday.