The goal of "Chaka" Rodríguez that opened the scoring in Mexico vs El Salvador.


The last game of the Concacaf Gold Cup started in favor of the "Tri" since with the slightest difference, the Mexicans already win the match at halftime.

The last game of the Mexican National Team began in the group stage of the Gold Cup; The national team took to the field with the commitment to win the match and be crowned the first in group A and think about the next phase of the competition.

With this objective, the team led by Gerardo Martino faced the start of the competition and showed superiority on the playing field. However, the first two minutes were tainted by a violation of the Salvadoran Darwin Cerén; after a strong arrival against a Mexican player, the referee took the game's first yellow card.

After a few first minutes full of disputes for the ball and some attempts by the national team to face the rival, the score fell at minute 26.

Luis Rodríguez Alanís, better known as El Chaka, was in charge of opening the scoring at the Cotton Bowl stadium. In an individual play, the Tigres footballer faced the El Salvador defense on the right-wing.

Even though Rodríguez Alanís' natural position is as a defender on the wing, he took advantage of a space left by the rival defense. He created his strategy to get closer to the reason.

The attack began in a change of play; Héctor Herrera commanded the tactic. With the ball in the middle of the court, Herrera noticed Rodríguez's presence on the right, so he decided to send a long pass to Rodríguez Alanís.

This is how he undertook a separate offensive. First, he cut the ball to outwit the defender; once he left it behind, he encouraged himself to shoot with his left leg. Unfortunately, the shot went off slightly with a slight rebound against the grass; the ball ended up nailing itself to the back of the net. Thus Mexico took the lead on the scoreboard.

His teammates celebrated his goal, and the fans rumbled the stadium with the goal shout. Then, Chaka added his second touchdown with Gerardo Martino's Tricolor team. Since his first selection calls up until now, Rodríguez adds a total of 2 annotations with the National Team shirt.

His first call to represent the country with the national team came in 2015, led by Miguel Herrera. Later, Luis Rodriguez was considered for the L-Tree, and since then, he has been an absolute part of the national team.

At half time, the Aztec team went with the minimum advantage of 1 - 0 on the scoreboard. As for the break, the Tata Martino team sneaked in as the first in the group stage of the Gold Cup. For the second half, the national team lost control of the ball and began to give up the opponent's attack.

Those from El Salvador began to take more possession of the ball and had a clear chance to score. For the 62nd minute, Alfredo Talavera saved the Mexican goal. In a defensive error by Edson Álvarez, close to the Aztec goal, he lost the ball to the Central American striker.

From behind, Álvarez was overtaken and gave up the ball. The Pumas goalkeeper was attentive to the play, so he showed his skills and prevented the achievable goal that could mean the tie for El Salvador.

The shot came out with great power; however, Talavera was aware of the situation and acted accordingly. Later would come a second attempt that ended up bouncing off the crossbar. Finally, in the 70th minute, the scorer of the Mexican goal was shown a yellow card.