The GOP has targeted Wisconsin's electoral system, a non-partisan director

The battlefield is the latest in a series of GOP national campaigns to control the election amid ongoing campaign allegations by Trump


The Wisconsin Republicans are working to overthrow the bipartisan system he created to hold elections in the province after President Joe Biden narrowly won last year's race, making the political arena the latest GOP national election campaign.

Wednesday will bring a lot of election-related development to the province, both the Wisconsin Electoral Commission and the legal team of the opposition party for the 2020 presidential election. At the same time, lawmakers in the Republic continue to attack the state-run election administrator in a campaign of pressure to resign, which is a clear attempt to replace a GOP member before next year's general election.

"This is just a policy of fear and revenge," said Kevin Kennedy, former Wisconsin election official for 34 years before retiring in 2016. "This is not about ideas. ... They have sculptures that they want to burn and that's all."

More than a year after the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump and his supporters continue to refute his false allegations that Democrats stole him for a second term. This was reflected in the review of costly and timely elections in a few provinces and new laws enacted by the Republics that added restrictions to postal voting, which was popular during the epidemic and welcomed by voters of both parties.

Current and former election officials have warned that repeated attempts to undermine Biden's victory have led to a decline in public confidence in the election and threats of violence against election officials. They are worried that veteran election officials will be fired, creating a space of experience that could be filled by co-founders.

In Wisconsin, the election is run by a bipartisan electoral commission that includes an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. The director of the commission is a non-partisan executive currently held by Meagan Wolfe, a 10-year-old agency veteran and its predecessor.

Wolfe was appointed director of the commission in 2019 and unanimously approved by the Republican Senate for the term ending mid-2023.

While attempts to undo Trump's loss in Wisconsin failed due to lawsuits and recount, the Republicans again put their attacks on the commission and Wolfe. At least 10 Republican lawmakers have asked for his resignation from one or more commissioners.

If Wolfe were to resign, a Republican-led Senate could probably mean his successor. That person plays a key role in determining which direction is issued to the more than 1,800 local election clerks who actually run the election.

Wolfe on Tuesday called his attack "baseless" and said he was more determined than ever to step down.

“I really think the phone calls are based on people getting annoyed that I have no intention of changing my behavior; I have no intention of getting involved in biased politics, ”he told the Associated Press. “The public sees politics when they see it. I think they are smart enough to understand a lot of talk about this motivated by biased politics. ”

A coalition of more than 50 election experts from around the country defended Wolfe, and sent a letter to Republican Speaker Robin Vos calling Wolfe "one of the most talented election officials in the country." Wolfe serves as chairman of the National Electronic Registration Information Center and in February will chair the National Association of State Election Directors.

Wolfe's attack and the integrity of the 2020 election left Wisconsin "without a foundation for an anti-democratic organization," said David Becker, executive director of the non-partisan Research and Research Center.

Becker said election officials and government officials like Wolfe were used as goats “because leaders do not have the political courage to tell their supporters the truth of the election. And the fact is, it was the safest, most obvious, most secure, and most important election in American history by any means. ”

Republican lawmakers backed their criticism of Wolfe and the commission after an impartial audit commended a number of changes in the way elections should be conducted and in detail the electoral commission did not follow the country's laws during the 2020 violence. widespread fraud or harassment and there was no doubt in Biden's victory in the province.

The Trump sheriff in Racine County has commended the criminal charges against five of the six members of the commission for their decision not to send special voting deputies to homes for the elderly, as required by law, during the violence.

Many of those centers did not allow any visitors, including families, when the commission made its decision. The commission instead suggested using the votes of people who were not at such polling stations, which they said was designed to protect their right to vote.

No charges have been filed in any of Wisconsin counties against Wolfe or any member of the commission.

In addition to attacking the electoral commission, the Republicans also support an investigation mandated by the 2020 election by Vos, the legal leader. The effort was led by a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge who once told law enforcement that his investigation would include an investigation into allegations made by the sheriff.

The electoral commission was expected to meet on Wednesday to discuss the study. At the same time, the Council's electoral committee will receive a review of the election investigation mandated by the GOP.