The gоvernоr оf Саlifоrniа оrdered аn investigаtiоn intо the deаth оf the рrisоner

Kevin Cooper insists he was convicted of killing four people, including two children, in a London London house in 1983.


Govin Gavin Newsom on Friday ordered an independent inquiry into the conviction of convicted death prisoner Kevin Cooper, who claims he was arrested for the murder of four people, including two children, in a London, Los Angeles, town in 1983.

Cooper, 63, has been seeking the throne since 2016.

According to his high-profile order, Newss said he "saw nothing" in Cooper's case or his innocence or whether he would be kind to him.

Newssom has appointed a law firm to review court records and all facts and evidence in the case, including those that do not appear in trial and appeal records, as well as pre-ordered DNA test results.

The order said the tests had been completed, but Cooper's lawyers and the San Bernardino regional attorney's office had "completely different views" on whether they supported Cooper's claims.

Cooper's lawyer, Norman Hile, called the order "glad."

"We are confident that a thorough review will prove that Kevin Cooper is innocent and should be released from prison," he said.

Cooper was convicted of a 1983 assault in Chino Hills, east of Los Angeles. Doug and Peggy Ryen, their 10-year-old daughter, Jessica, and their eight-year-old son, Joshua, were attacked while asleep along with their 11-year-old neighbor, Christopher Hughes, who was visiting the house. Investigators said he had been stabbed more than 140 times in the election of ice, a knife and a spine.

Joshua's neck was cut off, but he survived.

Prosecutors in San Bernardino County said a previous DNA test showed that Cooper, who had escaped from prison two days before the assassination, was at Ryens' home and smoked cigarettes in a stolen Ryens station car, and that Cooper's blood and at least one dead man's T-shirt were found on the side of the road.

Cooper says investigators planted his blood on the boat.

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He further added that evidence of the trial was "made, abused, planted, disturbed, or otherwise defiled by law enforcement," according to Newsom's order.

Cooper's supporters said other evidence, including untested hair samples, showed that there were more white or Latino killers.

The case has attracted national interest after New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, U.S. Senator California's Kamala Harris and reality television star Kim Kardashian have urged officials to allow a re-examination.

In December 2018, then-Gov. Jerry Brown ordered the DNA replicating of the T-shirt, towel, and handle of the hat and bag. Two months later, Newsom ordered an additional DNA test of hair samples collected from the victims' hands and scene, as well as two blood samples and a green button that investigators linked Cooper to the case and his lawyer allegedly implanted.

According to Newsom's executive order, prosecutors said "overwhelming evidence indicates Cooper's guilt and argued that his conviction was upheld by state and federal appellate courts after a" thorough review "of evidence and allegations of Cooper's misconduct.

Messages seeking comment from the San Bernardino County regional attorney's office were not returned immediately after hours.

Cooper was expected to be assassinated in 2004. But the appellate court eventually killed the pending review. Both the California and U.S. Supreme Courts His complaints have been denied.

California has not killed anyone since 2006, and Newsom has suspended the suspension. More than 700 men and women have been arrested.