The governor of Texas, a firm detractor of masks, was infected with COVID-19.


Republican Greg Abbott's positive result came out a day after he tweeted a photo of himself at an indoor event in front of a group of supporters, all without masks.

The governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday, after being one of the politicians who has most resisted imposing a mandate for the mask to stop the expansion of the delta variant of the coronavirus.

Abbott office spokesman Mark Miner said that the governor, who is fully vaccinated, is in good physical shape and does not experience any symptoms. He indicated that the governor is in constant communication with his staff, heads of agencies, and administrative officials to ensure that the state government functions smoothly and efficiently.

He added that he is being administered the Regeneron antibody treatment and will remain confined in the official residence while tests are carried out daily.

"Everyone has been informed that he has had close contact with the governor. In addition, the first lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott, has tested negative", indicates the text.

The positive test results came a day after Abbott tweeted a photo of himself without a mask when he spoke to a group of Republican supporters inside a house near Dallas, most of whom were not even wearing masks.

The spokesperson noted that the governor's speech to the group was his only public event this week. He commented that Abbott tested negative on Monday and that no member of his staff has tested positive.

The Abbott contagion occurs when Texas is one of the states with the highest incidence of covid-19 after expanding the delta variant in the country.

The governor issued an order in July banning local governments and school districts from wearing masks.

Those who do not comply with the order could face a 1,000 fine.

According to Johns Hopkins University, Texas is the second largest state in the United States after Florida, with 3.3 million infections and 54,474 deaths.

Even the state has now asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for five mortuary trailers to store the bodies of COVID victims, local television KEYE reported.