The Houston leopard has moved to the sanctuary ! !

A nine-month-old leopard has been handed over by its owners after a search of the animal began earlier this month.


The Indian leopard has been relocated to a zoo in Texas, from its home base in Houston, according to the Houston Police Department.

A nine-month-old leopard arrived at his new home, the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, on May 15, and farm representatives said his transformation had gone well and he had adapted well to the new environment.

“India is becoming more confident, free and playing every day. She is healthy, well-fed, and very busy looking after all parts of her large area and is free - acting like a curious, healthy little tiger, "said Noelle Armud, Executive Director of Black Beauty Ranch.

The leopard made headlines earlier this month when it was spotted roaming the Houston area unnoticed, according to NBC News. The wild animal had been missing for almost a week before it was found safe and handed over to the police.

In the first scene, a tiger was caught on video by neighbors, who were seen wearing collars and wandering outside the home when an off-duty sheriff's deputy met a wildcat. Before police could get a chance to respond, the tiger was placed in the back of a car and driven to an unknown location.

Eventually, the hunt for the missing tiger ended when its owners, Gia Cuevas, handed over the beast to Houston PD, and from there, police transferred the animal to the BARC Houston Animal Shelter where police said the leopard appeared to be in good health.

The leopard rests on the grass near the side of the road in Houston.

The leopard rests on the grass near a roadblock in the Houston area. Kindly Mohamed Syed

Now, in India the leopard has finally found its home permanently thanks to Cuevas' cooperation with the Houston Police Department.

"She will go to the shrine tomorrow, where she hopes to spend the rest of her life in a very safe environment," Houston police chief Ron Borza told a news conference before moving to Black Beauty Ranch.

The new Indian settlement on the farm is said to be about a hectare of land and includes a wooded area and a dam.

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"He loves one big stick he likes to stretch, scratch and mark his scent. He jumps on the spot where he looks at all the new scents and grabs his toys on the tall grass, showing off his wild feelings," Almrud said. "He sleeps a lot, like most cats do, and he jumps out of his pool, especially hitting the water and getting in and out of the water."

The Black Beauty Ranch is owned by the Humane Society, which has publicly endorsed the Big Cat Public Safety Act - a pending law that could reduce private ownership of such animals.

As previously reported by NBC News, tigers are not allowed in the city of Houston, but they are legal in the surrounding Harris County if they are properly registered under strict rules and safety guidelines, including holding $ 100,000 in animal insurance and keeping the tiger safe at least 1,000 meters from another home, school or a child care facility.

Texas law allows the exclusive ownership of tigers and other "endangered wildlife," but applicants must register with the local sheriff, fill out paperwork and land and follow strict hunting requirements.

No charges have been pending against Gia and her husband Victor Cuevas, according to the Houston Police Department. Earlier this month, however, Commander Borza confirmed that the investigation was ongoing.

"We know he's in the right position now because he's showing a lack of interest in the people - our staff - which is the way it should be," Almrud said. "It evolved from being a human animal, which is not the life of a wild animal."