The images of the shooting in Queens that left ten injured and set off alarms in New York.


On Saturday night, two armed men dressed in black, with their faces covered with masks, fired into a crowd outside a barbershop on a stretch of 37th Avenue. The targets, according to authorities, were three alleged members of a gang identified as Trinitarios.

On Saturday night, there was a shooting in the New York district of Queens, where at least ten people were injured, reported the Police Department of the US city.

The event was recorded minutes before 11:00 at night. Two men dressed in black and armed, their faces covered with masks, fired into a crowd outside a barbershop on a stretch of 37th Avenue.

According to a report consulted by The New York Times, the target of the gunmen were three alleged members of a gang identified as Trinitarios. However, most of the victims were collaterals.

Surveillance video showed that the gunmen got on a pair of waiting scooters driven by accomplices who sped away. The city police confirmed that eight men and two women were injured, between 19 and 72 years old.

The person who received the most severe injury was shot in the abdomen, confirmed Detective Chief James Essig.

According to the images revealed by a surveillance camera, those responsible for committing the attack escaped aboard a pair of scooters that their accomplices drove.

The Police are looking for four people as suspects and have indicated that they were "gang members " who came to the scene with " multiple weapons and masks ."

This is unacceptable on the streets of New York City, and it must be stopped, said James Essig, Chief of Detective Police.

The shooting in North Corona, a Latino enclave where gun violence rarely occurs, drew mayoral candidates, both Democrats and Republicans, to the scene to call on New York City to step up its attacks on women. Gangs and gun violence.

Eric Adams, the Democratic candidate, and former police captain, warned that the violence would only worsen without proper intervention.

We are losing control of public safety, and we must respond immediately and address the crisis that is, Adams warned, who is likely to become the next mayor of the city.

He also reiterated that armed violence must be fought with a joint and closely coordinated working group between federal, state, and municipal agencies.

Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa called to expand the number of gang units, expand the Police Department's database, and provide more money to pay confidential informants.

In the morning, the Police released surveillance video of the perpetrators of the shooting and their accomplices and pleaded for the public's help in identifying those responsible. Detective Chief James Essig said he was disturbed by what he described as " a brazen and coordinated attack ."

He announced that the two boys just take out their weapons, walk down a busy street at 10:30 pm, where there are parties, restaurants, busy streets.

" After firing at least 37 shots that we know of, they calmly climb into the back of the scooters and take off, " he declared in surprise. " Very cheeky, to say the least ."