The Jacksonville Jaguars sack coach Urban Meyer after 13 games, not performing well

Team owner Shad Khan committed the act a few hours after former Jaguars player Josh Lambo told the Florida newspaper Meyer that he kicked him


Urban Meyer's tumultuous NFL season ended after just 13 games - and two wins - when the Jacksonville Jaguars sacked him early Thursday due to a pile of errors.

Its owner Shad Khan committed the act a few hours after former Jaguars player Josh Lambo told the Florida newspaper Meyer that he kicked him during a training session in August. It was the latest blackout - which added to the already long list of embarrassments - for a three-time national champions who failed miserably to make the transition to the NFL.

Meyer joins former Atlanta Falcons coach Bobby Petrino as college coaches whose NFL career shone with astonishing speed. Petino resigned in December 2007 to take over the reins of Arkansas. He was 3-10 at the time.

Meyer went 2-11 in his half-season, and the Jaguars began to emerge on the wrong side of the ball following the team's farewell week. They scored 9.1 points in Meyer's last seven games, which ended in five games.

Offensive lineman Darrell Bevell will serve as Jacksonville's interim coach for the last four games, starting Sunday against Houston (2-11).

"After many weeks of discussions and analysis of all the work of Urban and our team, I am very disappointed to come to the conclusion that rapid change is important for everyone," Khan said in a statement. “I informed Urban about the change tonight. As I said in October, restoring our trust and respect was important. Sadly, that did not happen. ”

Meyer's biggest problems arose on the field, where he tried to treat the paid team as if he were in college. He spread slogans and slang words all over the place, put tricks into the workplace and repeated his mistaken belief that coaching coaches and players play coaches. He has brought encouraging speakers and has been constantly criticizing assistants for the growing loss of the team instead of actually older men on the field.

One of Meyer's worst decisions came after Thursday night's game in Cincinnati in late September. He chose to stay with the family instead of flying home with his group and was caught on video the following night having an affair with a woman at a bar in Columbus, Ohio. Khan publicly reprimanded Meyer, saying he needed to regain the trust and respect of the owner.

Commitment to his players showed how Meyer was not about NFL practices. And it has been one of the 57-year-old head-to-head choices that has been successful at all college stops: Bowling Green (2001-02), Utah (2003-04), Florida (2005-10) and Ohio. Country (2012-18).

Meyer has never made the necessary changes at the professional level.

Lambo's comments appeared to be beyond the power of Khan, who two days ago said he did not want to make hasty decisions about the future of the coach.

"The difference with this thing is that you have lost and you have drama," Khan said.

The Jags had more drama than victory.

Lambo gave the latest when he told the Tampa Bay Times that Meyer kicked him lightly as he started training. Lambo, the opening team of the season opener, said he told Meyer not to kick him again, adding that the coach replied that he was the head coach and would kick him whenever he wanted.

Meyer issued a statement from the team denying the incident as Lambo had described it.

"The way Josh is talking about me and this incident is totally wrong, and there are those who see for themselves opposing his account," Meyer said.

Lambo said he reported the matter to his agent, who contacted the Jaguars' lawyer the next day.

"The Jaguars' attorney actually agreed and immediately responded to a question from Josh Lambo's agent on Friday, August 27, 2021," the Jaguars said in a statement. “The coach has asked to speak with Josh, or to help Josh talk to the coach or any other football professional, if he is comfortable sharing information with him. Any suggestion is a blatant lie. ”

Lambo was released after missing out on his first three attempts at the season.

Lambo's allegations came in the wake of an NFL Network report that Meyer had caused a stir by entering multiple runs with players and assistants he allegedly called "losers." Citing unidentified sources, the report details the hot exchange between Meyer and veteran recipient Marvin Jones from Meyer criticizing the recipients for not winning enough matchups for one or one or getting enough divisions.

"I can only say this: Something was brought to my attention that I did not like very much," Jones said Wednesday, his first public comment since the report was published on Saturday. “I talked to him about it and we talked and treated him like grown men. And that's all I can say about that. ”

Jones has denied threatening to quit his job because of an argument.

"I mean, shoot, when you lose, you'll always be a place of undue attention," Jones said. “That's just what it is. That's all I can say. ”

Other accommodation in Meyer:

He hired fitness coach Chris Doyle in February despite allegations of racism and had to be released a day later due to a pending case.

Jacksonville was fined $ 200,000 and Meyer deposited $ 100,000 on July 1, a penalty that stemmed from a practice in early June in which the league considered the receivers and defenders to be in close contact during the 11-on-11 practice.

Meyer signed quarterback Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow in 2007 to play a solid game, a test that resulted in Tebow looking lost in the opening game of the season against Cleveland.