The judge denied a pet search request before the Miami building demolition.


The judge denied a pet search request before the Miami building demolition.

Stacey Karron tried to do everything she could to rescue pets that might still be alive.

A woman presented to the rostrum a request to save a pet stranded in the remains of the Champal Towers Soth building, which she was denied. On the night of Sunday, July 4, authorities detonated charges inserted into holes drilled in the still-standing portion of the Surfside condo.

The lawyer Paula Phillips, legal representative of Stacey Karron, presented the request in the Miami-Dade circuit at 9:30 pm on Sunday. They asked to enter the building to save a pet, of which the breed is unknown. However, they believe it was a cat named Coco who lived on the fourth floor with the 89-year-old woman and her daughter, according to reports from the Miami Herald.

They understand the danger. He believes the building could collapse at any moment, Attorney Phillips argued.

Judge Michael Hanzman denied the request and said he did not want to stop the decision to demolish the building. The hearing ended around 10 a.m. Sunday, and an explosive device exploded around 10:30 p.m.

My goal was to go there and try to save the pets if they let me go. "I have experience in animal rescue, and I volunteered," Caron commented.

During the hearing, attorney Dave Murray objected to Karen's argument, arguing that the building was already filled with explosives. For her to enter, rescue teams would have to risk their lives even more as they would be forced to re-enter remove the detonations.

According to the New York Post, Murray said the county had made several efforts to rescue surviving animals since the June 24 collapse.

Mayor Levine Cava reported that rescuers did not find any pets as they conducted extensive searches of the remaining building, including three full sweeps, using animal life traps and thermal technology.

On the other hand, Dahlia Kanes, director of the Miami Coalition against the Specific Legislation of Breeds, indicated that her organization estimates that several dogs and cats, a guinea pig, and some parakeets were trapped in the building. Kanes told the Miami Herald that he had spoken to a woman who had not yet found her dog and her two cats, who were in the living room when the building collapsed.

The causes of the collapse of the Champlain Towers are under investigation, which has started a legal battle for damages by some of the residents in the residential building built-in 1981. The board of directors of the building association has said it will appoint an "independent administrator to oversee the legal and claims process ."

As revealed by documents in Surfside Mayor's records, the building had structural problems detected in 2018 by an engineering firm, and whose recommended expensive repairs had not been fully addressed.

According to recent official accounts, the provisional number of missing persons due to the partial collapse of the residential building was 118, while the number of people located was 191.