The judge ruled in favor of Biden over the issue of the contract

A Georgia state judge has ruled that President Joe Biden's decree may violate his authority.


A union judge on Tuesday issued a nationwide proclamation against state contractors' vaccination authorities, ruling that President Joe Biden could violate his authority by imposing a requirement.

Judge R. Georgia-based Stan Baker, a resident of Georgia, has temporarily banned the implementation of a post-trial administration from several provinces and a trade group that opposes allowing the jurisdiction to take effect in Jan. 4 will cause "irreparable damage." To unpaid employees. out of their jobs.

The judge wrote that allowing the law to continue "would force the plaintiffs to comply with the mandate, which required them to make decisions that could drastically change their ability to make the organisation's contract more important to their operations."

The court reform is the latest in a series of decisions that have hampered management's efforts to force more people to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

Last week, two different judges temporarily barred various officials who needed millions of workers from being vaccinated against Covid-19. A provincial judge in Louisiana has suspended Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services from exercising its mandate of health care workers, while a state judge in Kentucky has issued a directive barring administrators from enforcing the requirement of state contractors in three states.

In early November, the appellate court decided to suspend management efforts to strike workers in U.S. companies with at least 100 employees.

Baker's decision, which was presented in court by President Donald Trump, found that the plaintiffs in his case were likely to succeed in their claim that Biden had violated his September court order.

The judge's order was based on the president's economic power under the Procurement Act.

"Although the Procurement Act explicitly and unequivocally gives the president some authority, the Court is not convinced, at this stage of the trial, that it has authorized him to direct any kind of action," Baker wrote. "In its practical application, the" administrative order "goes beyond the administration and procurement management of a property and contract" and "acts as a regulator of public health."

A spokesman for the Department of Justice declined to comment on the decision.

Asked about the judge's order Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the Department of Justice would "strictly defend this in court."

The attorney general of South Carolina, Alan Wilson, of the Republic, named one of the defendants in the case, applauded the judge's decision.

"The abuse of power by the Biden administration has been stopped. The law is there and freedom is protected," Wilson said.