The man is being held as an Asset of the family, one of the thousands of fans, " says prosecutor

Joshua Hall, 22, Of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was taken into custody on one count each of wire fraud, and identity theft.


A man is accused of being a member of the former Chairman of Donald Trump's family to steal a million of his followers were arrested on Tuesday morning, federal prosecutors said.

Joshua Hall, 22, Of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, was taken into custody on one count each of wire fraud, and identity theft, united states. The Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York, said in a statement. He appeared in court for the first time on Tuesday.

The Hall is alleged to have raised money for pro-Trump re-election campaign, the campaign organization, which does not exist, by the way, for the creation and use of the social media accounts of the family members ' names and photos," according to the lawsuit.

"The hall is being used, that is, in order to gather more than 100,000 followers on social media, and that's to get the attention of the media," the complaint said. He is said to have done so, if any of the members of the former president's family, including his brother, Michael, his youngest son, Barron, The New York Times reported last year.

And instead of the funding for the proposed reorganization of the officers of the army and one of the original members of the Hall used the money for their own cost-of-living."

In total, the scheme is conceived and carried out through the Hall, and gave thousands of dollars to the hundreds of victims who are in the united states, including, among other things, in the Southern District of New York," the statement said.

To the scientists, " said Hal, and there are too many fake accounts on social media in September to November 2019, and 2020. To imitate Barron in August, at the Hall, it is said to have said in a tweet: "He was a great president of the united states, who are doing great things for our country. He has my FULL APPROVAL!'"

Efforts to reach out to the Hallway, to the failure of the summit. It was not clear whether he had an attorney.

The new Covid-19 variant and the increase in cases, bringing the concerns of the U. k. ' s the grand opening of the

Hall told the Times last year that he was in the multiple accounts of the Trump of god, and the name "rally of up to MAGA supporters, and to have a good time."

"There was no ill intent behind it," he said.

As a self-proclaimed bisexual, Trump's supporters in the Hall also told the newspaper that he is struggling to make ends meet, holding periods of time, for example, to a hotel, a servant, a sandwich maker, and more recently as a DoorDash-food delivery is the courier service. He was successful in posing as an opportunity for the members of the family who don't have a Twitter account and make false statements about Covid-19 and the QAnon, according to The Times.

Hall admitted that his group, the Gay Vote for Trump, "a grass-roots coalition of LGBT Americans," that's raised more than $7,000 in a GoFundMe campaign in order to move in the direction of the organisation of the events, and merchandise," not really, that was it.

He said at the time that he "never had the resources for it," a statement on a GoFundMe spokesman, seemed to deny it, to say that the organizers of an account in the name of All (H, I pulled out the money.