The Mexican artistic swimming couple chose a crazy, not a Mexican song for their routine in Tokyo 2020.


Nuria Diosdado and Joana Jiménez qualified for the discipline's grand final at the Olympic Games thanks to the choreography mounted on a song by American Michael Sembello.

After completing a free routine test in position 13, Nuria Diosdado and Joanna Jimenez bet everything to qualify for the grand finale of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games due to technical difficulties.

To achieve this, contrary to the choice of other athletes who lean towards choreographies set to music by traditional pieces from their country, they chose the song "Maniac" by the American musician Michael Sembello and not a Mexican theme.

The choice of said routine earned them the classification because at the end of the competition, held on Tuesday, August 3, they positioned themselves one place higher than the day before. They became the last couple invited to the main event. Through her Instagram account, Diosdado, the team captain, explained the process that led them to choose this act as their strongest card.

As he explained, he and his partner have a common taste of the '80s. Sambello's song was first heard in 1983, with the release of his debut album, Bossa Nova Hotel.

The theme was even chosen to score the Flashdance film the same year and was nominated for the 56th edition of the Oscars as Best Original Song.

Four months before the competition in Tokyo, rivals decided to do their own thing with a piece of Mexican music. However, although they did not specify the sacrificed piece, it did not convince them of its execution. On the contrary, the choice of the new theme allowed them to present a fast, energetic and competitive routine, which they had ready after three days of rehearsal.

In June 2021, during the World Series of Swimming in Barcelona, ​​organized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA), the representatives of Mexico performed the choreography for the first time. They passed one of the most important tests and managed to convince the judges who positioned them in the fifth position of the technical routine and the fourth step of the free, both in the final of the competition.

The decision to change the piece of music was made in conjunction with their coaches. Similarly, after qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 grand final, he assured us that "our greatest learning is to take risks. Don't be afraid, if you don't do it like that you will never know what would have happened. Follow your intuition and trust your team. It was a decision that the four of us made, and I am grateful that we did so".

In Diosdado's words, the Mexican artistic swimming team has found it challenging to obtain good grades in executing the technical routine. However, in the semi-final in Tokyo, it was the exception. It catapulted them to the fight for the podium, where the representatives of Belarus, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Canada, China, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, and the Committee will also participate. Russian Olympic (ROC).

In another post, the captain said, "We didn't know what was going to happen, and the opportunity opened up. So we decided not to let her pass… This reminds me of the words of a coach who at some point told me, 'the train passes once. Either you get on it, or you let it go. 'This time, Mexico got on it.

Thus, Nuria Diosdado and Joana Jiménez have in their hands the opportunity to add one more medal to the history of the Mexican delegation in Tokyo 2020. Beyond the position they obtained in the final, they demonstrated sufficient capacity to be considered among the best exponents in the world in their discipline.