The moment a US border agent saves a minor who was drowning in a river in Texas.


A Guatemalan teenager was struggling to stay afloat when officers spotted him. There were also two similar incidents.

In recent days, agents of the United States Border Patrol saved several minor migrants who were about to drown in a river in their attempt to cross the border illegally.

In the first case, which was captured by a video released by the authorities, the agents were following in the footsteps of a group of migrants on Saturday when they ran into "a child in pain while trying to wait above the water while trying to cross A pond."

As indicated, the minor from Guatemala was attached to a branch but could not stay afloat.

"Without hesitation, an agent tied a rope around his waist and entered the pond to rescue the migrant," the authorities highlighted. The agent managed to get him out of the water. Then both were evaluated by the Peñitas (Texas) firefighters, where it was determined that they needed more medical treatment and were taken to the hospital.

Hours later, both received a medical discharge.

Other cases

On Sunday, a 26-year-old Mexican citizen jumped into the Rio Grande and began to swim towards the United States, near Havana (Texas), according to the official report. At that time, he began to suffer difficulties.

US Coast Guardsmen patrolling the area rushed to rescue the man, evaluated by medical personnel, and then turned over to the Border Patrol for final disposition.

On Monday, agents from the Brownsville Border Patrol Station apprehended a group of five subjects who reported that a woman had been left in the brush with a leg injury when she fell from the border wall near Lincoln Park and the levee. In Brownsville (Texas).

The agents quickly began the search. After an hour, they located the 39-year-old Mexican citizen in an area of ​​dense scrub. Emergency personnel examined the migrant and determined that she needed treatment, so she was transported on a stretcher to a hospital to assess her injuries.

The Border Patrol that despite the pandemic, "human smugglers continue to attempt these blatant attempts without taking into account the lives they endanger or the health of the citizens of our great nation."

The arrival of undocumented migrants to the United States' southern border began to increase in May of last year. The contingent of children multiplied at the beginning of this year when the Government had more than 20,000 in its custody. Minors.

Most of these migrant children have relatives in the United States. They are required by law to remain in Border Patrol custody for more than 72 hours until transfer to ORR or family members.

The Administration of former President Donald Trump opted to immediately expel all migrants, including those seeking asylum. At the same time, the Biden government has opened the door for minors who migrate alone.